Buddhist wedding traditions 

Buddhist wedding traditions

Buddhist traditions are not forced by their guru’s rather people deeply involve themselves in following the rituals at the wedding whole heartedly. They practise these traditions with love for each other and pray for the wellbeing of all. The fulfilling marriage takes place with utmost happiness and satisfaction. 

The Buddhists marriages are made simple with first preference given god and his ideologies. People consider god as the ultimate and chant mantras in the praise of the Lord.

First and foremost

Faith on god is given utmost importance. The families of both the bride and groom meet in a holy place to realize the horoscope matching. Once the match is made the happy marriage work begins. Then the groom’s family members request the priest to fix an auspicious date to make the marriage successful. They also gift the monks with sweets and fruits along with flowers for helping them decide the marriage. 

Formal betrothal

The next tradition is to get the couple’s engaged. The relatives of both the bride and groom gather to make the event memorable. The maternal uncle of the girl plays an important role in this tradition. 

Holy drink

The engagement ends with the sacred drink given to the maternal uncle of the bride at first. Later it is distributed to all the relatives gathered there. The monks and priests chant prayers and mantras to seek blessings for the couple in order to make the marriage successful.

Role of astrologer 

The wedding date is fixed by discussing with an astrologer who is well-versed in these aspects. He refers his belongings and fixes an appropriate date for the happy marriage to take place. The families thank the astrologer for sorting out this issue.

At the wedding

The most awaited day for the couple’s is the wedding day. They enter the temple or hall where the marriage is scheduled to take place in their traditional attire neither very grand nor too simple.
Rituals performed

The couple’s initially bow their heads in front of the idol of Lord Buddha and seek his blessings. Then they light candles and chant prayers as recited by the monk. The couple’s then donate certain amount to the temple as a token of love. They also gift the monk and priest with flowers, sweets and fruits as per their tradition. By the time the couple’s complete these rituals the relatives, friends and guests occupy their respective places to add charm to the wedding.

Auspicious ritual

The string connected to the heads of both the groom and bride is then purified. The priest and monks pray whole heartedly to bless the bride and groom with long lasting love to be cherished by them. The red paste or vermilion is applied on the couple’s forehead by the priest. The wedding ceremony comes to an end with this tradition thereby ending a happy marriage.

Made simple

Dowry is strictly prohibited in Buddhist marriages. The wedding is made very simple which is purely based on faith on god rather than traditions and rituals. Thus the people follow these aspects to make the marriage successful.


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