Calcutta Wedding Planners- Adding that Extra Touch to Make Your Wedding Look Sumptuous 

There was a time of wedding décor, where it was confined only to the alluring flowers and the flashy drapes, where nothing creative like as in the themes could be seen. Now the trends have undergone tremendous changes, where the colored theme weddings are in vogue. The planners of wedding try to inculcate a peculiar theme of the wedding according to the dream of the husband and wife. The wedding décor with flowers or with the romantic gestures do play a significant role. There the numerous wedding themes available which suit well to the different choices of the bride and groom. The royal Indian weddings, the English themes, Christian or Buddha wedding themes all play a crucial role in making your D- day the best day of your life…

The trend of hiring the wedding planners for A to Z of the Wedding has relieved the bride and groom from many stress of the marriage. These professionals actually are specialized in implementing the perfect décor ideas. Their entire work set up of the colour, themes, décor attracts the people. 

Here are some of the wedding decor ideas which can be considered in your wedding to make your venue look lavish and unconventional:

1. Adding more candles to have the aesthetic look- think of adding the traditional and conventional touch to the wedding décor, candles can be the perfect additions in this regard. The sleek, short or long candles with sweet aroma, elevates the mood and would surely lighten up the happiness of spirituality. The soft radiance would be spreading all around to remind of the pious tradition of religious practices. 

No one can deny the actual use of Chinese lanterns as well as the LED lights, for getting the artificial candle illumination.  The artificial flower covers carrying the candle holders would provide the antique touch to the complete arrangement.

2. More of scenty, exotic flowers- the trend of exotic flowers has been in vogue for last many centuries. Nothing can be most romantic and appealing than the flowers. These are the only items which can be utilized in numerous possible ways...…

Flowers provide outlandish touch to the décor and they are beyond comparison as they are available in the variety of the different colors and shades. The pink, blue turquoise flowers would add the cheerfulness and most required vivacity. The customization further can enhance the beauty of the floral décor by the way of writing the name of the bride and groom on the vase.

3. Wedding décor customization- 

Customization stands for adding the personal touch to the wedding décor. If you wanna confess your love by expressing in the way of writing on the napkins, cutlery, crockery, then adding the personal collages of your most warm and relaxed moments would look as cute and romantic as you desire. The alluring touch can further be added by hanging the photo frame from ceiling in some colorful chains. 

4. The colour of décor—most important point to be considered- 

The perfect shade can either rocket up the beauty of the complete celebration, or it can completely mar it. Day wedding require that light and fresh wedding décor- the peach, pink or the yellow suiting the best. On the contrary, any night event needs bright luxurious colors which will give you a feel of splendor and celebration.


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