Car Decorations for Your Wedding 

Car Decorations for Your Wedding

Wedding arrangements are always made grand with some exclusive things. This is not only for the wedding hall, attire and food but it also includes wedding car decorations. The couple is conscious about the type of car to be used and also its decorations. They are very specific about it.

In olden days, the groom used to arrive in horse and the bride used to wait to see her prince charming riding the horse. The horse was made grand and the groom appears to be a hero who looks ravishing in the horse. Also elephants were used in ancient days.

Car at the wedding

In recent days, the bride and groom usually arrive at the groom’s home in a car. After the marriage they tend to enjoy this car travel as husband and wife. They are welcomed home with aarti taken by the groom’s mother and sister. This travel is made happy by arranging for a grand and brand new car.

How to decorate the car?

Usually the car decorations are done with flowers to spread the fragrance around. Also the sweet scent of flowers gives a refreshing feel to the couple. Satin ribbons are also used to decorate the cars. Artificial soft toys and glitters are also hung to give a pleasant look. Many times, the car decorations look as if it belongs to the fantasy world.

Why is the car decorated?

The groom usually has wild passion for cars and he wishes it to be grand. He makes special arrangements for a romantic ride with his wife after tying the nuptial knot. He wishes to enjoy the ride to his home in a newly decorated car which resembles the one in the fantasy world.

Tips to adhere 

You can adhere to the following tips to decorate the wedding car. They are

  • If you feel natural flowers might fade away then go for artificial flowers. They last long and give a pleasing look.
  • Try to surf the internet and find out better car decorations available.
  • Choose the flowers according to the color and tone of the car.
  • You can also use colorful threads, tissues, chamki, drapes to decorate the car.

Express your love

Girls are usually fond of surprises. It would be even better if the car has got small and pretty surprises which can showcase your love for each other. You can decorate the inside of the car with photos portraying the childhood memories of both the bride and groom. 

Get hold of the theme

Some boys have wild passion for cars. So it is good to give him the liberty to choose the wedding car of his choice. Also the car can be made grand by adopting the theme followed to decorate the wedding venue.
Regular decorations

Usually the car decorations are done with heart shaped balloons and red roses which is the symbol of love. Also another important fact is that they match the car irrespective of its color and model. You can also use small sized bouquets which can be placed in the car. Using fresh cars can give an aesthetic appeal.


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