Catholic Wedding Music 

Catholic Wedding Music

Catholic weddings are brink of sacred, lifelong and exciting adventure together. It is the happiest and busiest time where beautiful, auspicious and joyful memories are made and replenished. Good music selection at wedding makes it even more memorable and remarkable in terms of enjoyments and fun.

Wedding Music

The wedding music should be such that it should reflect the purpose and help the assembly to pray and thank god for the wishes and love he showers on us. In catholic weddings pop and rock songs even with spiritual theme are not considered appropriate.

Wedding music involves mainly three kinds of tracks: recessionals, processionals and preludes. In this ambient music holds the arena while invitees are being seated and ceremony is started whereas prelude music is mainly light in nature. Next is processional, where entry of bride, bridal party and family is extended. This music consists of lively songs and lyrics which reflects happiness and joy.

But before choosing the playlist there are some points to be kept in mind as songs chosen should be comfortable within the limit of area, guests and the wedding theme. It should also be according to the space allocated like huge spaces won


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