Celebrating Valentine Day When You Got Engaged 

Celebrating Valentine Day When You Got Engaged

Actually not only the valentine, but entire week is a chance to celebrate in most romantic way. The valentine with your perfect valentine is the most loving grace of God. Being fiance and fiancee, you get only one valentine mostly before wedding. Here is an article on how valentine gets perfect with your engagemate.

1. Celebrate like the day you got engaged-

The valentine is not meant exactly to plan for your wedding but to relish the hidden feelings of the mate. So turning back to the place of wedding engagement can be the best way rather than kneeling down to accept or give proposal with gifts or flowers. Reinforcing your engagement feelings provide you exact picture of the romance of the valentine.

2. Start a new valentine day tradition-

If you feel that the valentine is becoming a monotony of years together then instead of following the same ritualistic flavour , you can start with generating a new of your interest and kind.

So may be while you were dating you always went on Valentines day or you skipped the 14th and had a romantic dinner together the day after. If you are feeling your valentine day's plans are stuck in a rut , there is your chance to start something new that you can carry into your marriage.

3.Get pempered together-

To further add a link of your wedding with your   valentine, plan something relaxing together. Go for a facial and body massages together and you can count it as crossing one beauty regimen off your long to do list

4. Through a bachelorette party - celebrating galentines day :-

As you are proceeding for having a lifetime of valentine' s day ahead , a minor step of romance and love can add spice to your pre wedding as well as post wedding life. So a great alternative of having a bachelorette party on Cupid 's day. The glorious part is that the celebration may be accompanied by the series of events and activities. Moreover there would be no rule that says your date or dates - cant be your bridesmaides !

5. Generate and record your track of love :-

On the beautiful valentines day a series of events like taking the fiance to visit places from your love story like first location of dating in addition to the place where you first said I LOVE YOU . Its actually very sentimental touch . Dont forget to grab a video that would be shown on your wedding  reception as the pre wedding memories. Do exclusinve dinning out rehearsal on Valentines day for your D.Day.


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