Changes In Body During Pregnancy 

Changes In Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an emotional and happy moment to be cherished by women. She feels extremely happy about the new commitments that her baby is yet to give her. It is the responsibility of man to take care of his wife.
The content given below gives the details about the changes that take place in the women during pregnancy. The husband must be strong minded to offer confidence to his pregnant women as she might get depressed often due to the changes in herself.
The changes in the body during the first three month involves,
  • The progesterone hormone makes the uterus ready to receive the fertilized egg.
  • Drops of bleeding is usual and there is no need to panic
  • Odour of certain food stuff might irritate your wife. It’s better to avoid them thereby making it better.
  • Mood swings are common and it is the responsibility of man to cheer his wife.
  • Nausea, tenderness of breasts, headache become common.
  • Pickles and mango turns out to be your desired cravings.

Avoid domestic violence so that your wife can overcome the initial stages of pain.
The changes in the body during second trimester involves,
  • The relaxing hormone does its work which relaxes the ligaments and joints.
  • Now it’s the time for your wife to offer confidence to you. This is because she feels more brisk and active now.
  • Now, domestic violence with the baby begins. The baby starts to kick and play from inside which is enjoyable.
  • The pregnant women’s weight increases gradually with expansion of belly as the baby comforts itself inside the womb.
  • Your wife is prone to back ache, swelling of ankles, legs etc
  • Experts claim that a healthy diet along with simple exercises can help in making it better.
  • Desire to sleep increases but the baby doesn’t allow doing so.
The changes in the body during third trimester involves,
  • The weight of pregnant lady must have increased up to 15 pounds and baby feels the urge to come out.
  • Stretch marks and itching becomes severe 
  • Urination becomes frequent and common
  • Discharge from vagina indicates labour pain to occur soon.

Labour pain
Only few women get the pain on due date given by doctor. Experts claim that pregnant women are prone to mistake every little pain they get to be labour pain. So it is better to wait for the real pain to make it a normal delivery. The newbie will arrive sooner with his louder cry. It is the responsibility of man to motivate his wife to get through the labour pain.
What about premature babies?
Sometimes the baby gets delivered either before a month or later. It is important to take care of those kinds of babies and undergo appropriate treatment. 
Changes after pregnancy
It is better for women to practise yoga and simple exercises to make her fit. This is because after pregnancy your wife is prone to put on weight naturally.

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