Check for these Gorgeous Parrot Motifs at Wedding 

Check for these Gorgeous Parrot Motifs at Wedding

Parrots, one of the beautiful creations of the nature are cute and greenish in color. As the basic instinct, they mimic what you say them. The parrots, being the traditional and the oldest birds are going to be pointed out towards fairly traditional motifs. There are ample of amazing ways in which they can be utilized by featuring them that may be extremely excited. Let’s ponder upon the ways the parrots can be utilized in the weddings- 

1. Print them on the wedding cards- The colorful designs of the parrots and their motifs, add a new character. Just think of the wedding cards, where the beautiful parrots as a symbol work well for us- on invites and the cards. Besides, the different kind of the parrots and colors can be most appealing in this regard too.

2. Print them on the Bridal attires- the designers are in the way to inculcate the parrot motif on the lehangas and the shararas. There are numerous designers, which are in the process of collecting and making this trend more popular. Just imagine the raw mango chanderi saris with the charm of parrot motifs in gold. 

3. Bridal accessories, having parrots as their symbol- the yesteryears of the 18 th century depict somewhere the artefects of the kind where the rings and kalgiss were featured like the birds. (like the mockingbird pin that petyr Baelish wears in GoT). The bridal accessories ingrained or printed with the sweet parrots which are utilized on the juttis, as necklace, on earings and even kaleere give a traditional and the different looks. 

4. Have wedding decoration with parrot motifs- the south Indians as well as many other people, they feature parrots as the main decorating feature. The main mandap décor and the amazing rustic backdrop are all featured using the parrot motif.

5. As backdrops for the Mehendi- using parrots is really cutest idea, besides, fun too. The 3 dimensional backdrop looks gorgeous and beyond comparison.

6. As gorgeous centerpiece- the centerpiece or the sculpture brings that exotic vintage look that can bring the real decorum in addition to the flowers and other items. The centerpiece made out of the parrots add character and look so gorgeous.

7. The charm of having the real parrot- for astrology- sometimes, the parrot astrology can be taken more into the consideration where the parrot picks the destiny card for you. It’s a real fun too. there can be the vendors of the parrots


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