Checklist For A Wedding Invitation 

Checklist For A Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation is the centrepiece of the entire wedding stationery. It is around the theme and style of this invitation that the designing of all the other items of the stationery is done. Therefore, the designing of this wedding card becomes extremely important, only when you are able to get the design for this card perfect, can you expect the rest of the stationery to look perfect as well. It is because of this that the bride and the groom spend a lot of time in ensuring that they select the best invitation card for their wedding ceremony. 

However, it is not just the design of the wedding card which is important, but it is also important that everything that one has to be included in the card is present. Some of the main items on the checklist for a wedding invitation are as follows:

Outer Envelope

This is the sealed envelope in which the card will be posted. Generally the recipients of the card tear open this envelope and therefore, there is absolutely no need for any major designing to be done on this card. However, along with the full name and postal address of the recipient and the return address of the sender, this envelope should also contain the name of the bride and the groom and the wedding motif that you have selected for the main wedding invite. This will help in letting the recipient know, even without opening the envelope, that he or she has received a wedding invitation from you. 

Inner Envelope

This envelope is not sealed and it contains the main wedding card, along with all the other pieces of the invitation. The designing of this envelope is generally kept simple, but it should in tandem with the design of the invitation card. 

The Main Invite

The main invitation is the one which is carefully designed through the use of various colours, themes and motifs. This card contains all the information about the wedding ceremony like the name of the bride and the groom, the date, time and venue of the wedding ceremony, the theme of the wedding, like if it is a black tie event or a cowboy theme, etc., and all the other information with respect to the wedding ceremony which the wedding guests need to know about. 

Reception Card

In case, the wedding reception is going to take place at a venue, separate from the wedding venue, and then you need to send a separate invite for the reception ceremony as well. This card may not be as lavish as the wedding card, but all the information provided in the wedding card, needs to be provided in this card as well. 

Response Card

A response card needs to be sent with the invitation, which the guest can fill specifying their attendance plans for the wedding. This card helps the hosts in making better arrangements for the wedding.

Printed Maps

In case, the card is being sent to guests who do not reside in the same town, where the wedding will be held, then a detailed map to the venue should also be enclosed to help these guests in reaching the venue safely. 


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