Child abuse the disaster to the child 

Child abuse the disaster to the child

Child abuse signifies its meaning more than the physical injuries and the pain disseminated towards the child. But it has a deeper relation for the cause of fear and depression of a child along with the voucher of stress and inhibiting the mental growth of the child. Physical child abuse sometimes though appear and make the child tougher and well mannered. But a mental child abuse is worth more than it and forces the high impact of emotional abuse, depression, stress and the patches that are left vacant until and unless the child gets free from fear. Child abuse and harassing a child is basically omitted with the fact of commencement of such activities that cause harm to the child physically as well as mentally, leading the child to the path of depression and stress. 

A child can be harassed in several ways like most prominently the physical harm, emotional fear, the most common factor- the eye staring at the kid or the child, letting him die of hunger in order of punishment, sexual abuse, etc.

What is parent alienation?

Parent alienation is basically a child abuse as well as emotional abuse, which is due to the fact of parent or someone who is approaching a child to break the relationship from one parent by simply taking advantage of childish mind and convincing him to develop negative aspects about that person in order to gain the child custody. The basic approach is to create feelings of dislike, hate and antagonism in the child for the concerned guardian/ parent who are usually mothers who alienate the child from father in case of divorce or guardians living separately. This usually occurs in the case of divorced families and the parents who decide to live separately, which give rise to child custody issues. The rivalry between the parents make the children to gain the side probably due to the fact of making the other concerned parent feel hurt. 

What are the common ways to alienate the child?

  • Emotional blackmail and sympathy: Basically the alienator makes the brainwash of child by imposing the fact of harassment and injustice by the other parent. The support might make the child feel greedy by providing luxury items and claiming that the other has nothing for him. 

  • Attempt to bribe the child: The alienator tries efficiently to make the child on his side by offering him with gifts, toffees, and sneaks, securing the child


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