Chinese Post Wedding Rituals 

Chinese Post Wedding Rituals

For the Chinese individuals, the motivation behind marriage is to proceed with the genealogical line and to make co-operations between two families. There are unquestionably great deals of ceremonies. As the world changes, Chinese wedding conventions have advanced and changed also. But at present times, just a couple of conventions had survived the hundreds of years and turned into a piece of the current weddings. On the other hand, there are still families who wish to incorporate conventional practices in their wedding arrangements. 

After all the pre-wedding ceremonies the night of the wedding, the love birds will drink wine from two glasses entwined with a red string, arms crossed from one another. This is the formal wedding promise in Chinese society. At that point the lady will be given half-crude dumplings, and be inquired as to whether the dumpling is raw. The spouse should answer "raw", which means bringing forth kids, a sign of family success. 

The day after the wedding, the lady ought to rise early and fix an early lunch for the groom's parents or family. This is to demonstrate that she is all around supported, and qualified to be the groom's wife. 

Three days after the wedding, the lady will go to visit her guardians along with her spouse. The husband to be will give her family a dish suckling pig, an image of virginity, to demonstrate the lady's virtue. The lady's family will gladly impart the pig to relatives and neighbours. 

Numerous ceremonies and traditions have been lost or altered over a large number of years of human progress. In any case, the complementary gifts giving manners is all around saved as a social symbol... 

As the couple visits the house of the wife three days after the wedding, they ought to bring certain gifts, and the spouse's family should return a portion of the endowments, in addition to a few presents from them. 

Rundown of Gifts from Bride's Family on 3-day Visit: 

  1. The head and tail in addition to feet and half of the meal pig brought by the lucky man. It demonstrates there is a starting and end. 

  2. Liquor one container, any style of cake one box. 

  3. Fruit and Sheng Cai, a vegetable that has the elocution of "exuberant". 

  4. Bamboo sticks to show rising up many steps. 

  5. Green onion which claims as "Cong", the same articulation as "copious" monetarily. 

  6. Baby chicken in lamp box.


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