Chocoholic Brides, Have Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Centre Piece Apart from Chocolate Wedding Favors 

Chocoholic Brides, Have Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Centre Piece Apart from Chocolate Wedding Favors

The chocolate love has been always converting your bad moods to bad days into the good one.  The gooey chocolate cake, a cup of hot chocolate or just a candy bar or in the form of any exotic chocolate preparations. The wedding days are always everyone’s most awaited days. So why not to inculcate chocolate too into the wedding. There are numerous ways to incorporate it into your wedding.  Try newer ways to make your big day stand out. Chocolate can be used in the wedding favors, gifts and more! The chocolates are the best to get back to your older memories, the days of your childhood, when you used to hold your dad’s hand and bawl for that chocolate in the shop window! Nothing brings back memories better….

The brides, who are more chocoholic, must go for reading this blog-

1. Chocolate Inspired Wedding Invitations

The sweets or the other items can be replaced by some chocolate palates, in your wedding invites. The chocolate is not just a taste but an identity. If you are Indian chocoholic, then numerous ways can help you out to include chocolate into your wedding invites. 

The bigger chocolates can be wrapped with the printed, sober and colored cards, pre written with the wedding dates and the brides and grooms name. Nothing can be so exciting for the chocolate loving people.

2. Chocolate wedding cakes, white or black? Why not both? 

There is no need to have the dilemma about the colour of the chocolate. The white or the black? Infect both these colors are ok if are halved according to colour. Think of half black and half white chocolate and feel the taste and the difference. The darker side is supposed to be attached with the groom while the lighter side on the cake represents the innocent bride.

3. Chocolate wedding towers- 

The chocolates can be utilized to cover fruits and other goodies. The towers of chocolate coated cake pops can make for your best wedding chocolate items. Be more creative. Stack up those Oreos for a diehard wedding cake on your special day.  The towers of chocolate coated cake pops are the best options.

4. The centerpieces for your wedding- 

The chocolate centre pieces are the best ideas for the tables. If chocolate covered strawberries are arranged like a bouquet, then your cousins, kids and friends would like to have this bouquet.

5. Wedding favors- chocolate inspired- 

The chocolate devils look fabulous on the spoons, in jars, as you sneakily take out many rather than one. If you want your wedding guests really relish and appreciate your wedding, then have a good supply of assorted chocolate inspired wedding favors to keep them happy and engaged.

6. Chocolate stations at the shore- 

Have one complete bar at your wedding. Lay out assorted styles of dark and white chocolates for your wedding guests to choose from.

7. Chocolate and donuts: Chocó dougholics- 

To let your chocoholic brides truly enjoy your wedding, mix chocolate and make the doughnut meet the chocolate to have a blast at your wedding. Fruits and berries can be further added to create more drama.

8. Chocolate Cookies and Milk Bar For the Kids

Personalize a mini milk and cookies bar for the children at your wedding. Since the adults will be sippin' on some Sangria's, why not create a little something for the kids to be entertained to.


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