Choose the best from huge list of wedding planners in India 

Choose the best from huge list of wedding planners in India

If you wish to make your wedding day a huge success and at the same time, stress free for yourself, you need to hire the services of a really good wedding planner. Almost everyone these days has understood the important role that these wedding planners play, and therefore, the demand for their services has increased in the past decade. As a result of this, the list of wedding planners in India, offering the best wedding planning services, has also become long.


There are many different types of wedding planners, like destination wedding planners in India, specializing in destination wedding, budget wedding planners, who help in planning a great wedding within a limited budget, etc. Based on your personal requirements one should search for and hire only the best online wedding planner, like Shree Ganesh Events, who understands and fulfills all your individual and very specific needs.

Best Online Wedding Planner

Shree Ganesh Events is based out of Goa, but it offers its wide range of excellent wedding planning services in Rajasthan and Kerala as well.


Below are a few important points, which prove that hiring the wedding planning services of Shree Ganesh Events is a very smart and wise decision:


Compatibility and Experience, Both are Equally Important

Destination Wedding Planners in India

When hiring the services of any wedding planner, people generally look for someone who in the past done some great work with affordable wedding venues, wedding stage decoration and other aspects of wedding planning for maybe a friend or relative. We are also like to consider a wedding planner who has a lot of experience in handling various tricky situations that can arise during a wedding. Shree Ganesh Events has been in this business of wedding planning for a long time now. They have a team of well trained and experienced staff members who not only understand the unique needs of various individual clients, but also work hard to make each wedding a memorable experience for them. They try to establish a good compatibility with the clients, understand their personal needs, and ensure that through their services, they exceed the expectations of the client.


Indian Wedding Inspirations - Clear Vision and Fresh Outlook

Luxury Wedding Decorators India

It is not enough to offer the services of luxury wedding decorators India to the clients. Shree Ganesh Events come up with a unique and fresh idea for each and every wedding planned by them. They make sure that the idea is not just and different, but it matches the tastes and expectations of the clients as well. All these wedding ideas are clearly communicated to the clients by this company and based on the comfort and liking of the client, the best ideas are used for planning the wedding ceremonies by Santosh the owner of Shree Ganesh Events.


Clarity about Money

Cheap Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Most wedding planners tend to quote low prices in order to attract clients, and later charge miscellaneous costs in the bill. Shree Ganesh Events likes to have complete clarity about the monetary aspect between themselves and its clients. Whether it is the cost of the cheap outdoor wedding decoration, or the fees that the company will charge for its services, full details are disclosed and openly discussed with the clients. The company generally has packages starting from 2.5 lac, but based on client needs, it can customize cheaper packages as well.


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