Choose Your Perfect Wedding Invitation Card 

Choose Your Perfect Wedding Invitation Card

You spend loads of money, time and energy on carefully planning each and every detail of your wedding, with the hope that it would impress all your guests. But, while doing all this planning and detailing you fail to devote sufficient time and energy of finding the best wedding invitations. The marriage invite card is the first thing about the wedding that your guests are going to see, and therefore you need to make sure that your Indian wedding invitations give an exact glimpse of what your guests can expect from your wedding ceremonies.


There are many different types of wedding cards that are available in the market, and based on the theme of your wedding and your budget, you need to choose the best wedding invite. Some of the most popular options for wedding invitations available in the market are as follows:


Luxury Wedding Invitation Cards

Indian wedding invitations

Just as the name suggests, these are the best quality cards that are available in the market. Top quality paper is used for the making of these cards, printing techniques used are high end, the marriage invitation design printed on these cards is unique, and they can be customized to match the exact theme of the wedding. Contrary to what many people think, these luxury invites are not very expensive and through a little customization and downplay, they can easily fit into your budget.


Box Type Marriage Invitation Card

marriage invitation design

If along with the wedding invite, you also wish to send some gifts, like sweets, etc. to your guests, then choosing these box type invite may be the best option for you. The entire invite is made in the shape of a box with hard paper. You can place a bag or small boxes of sweets inside this box along with the shaadi card. These boxes look rich and royal, however, they tend to be heavy and bulky and hence sending them outstation can be difficult and expensive.


Scroll Type Wedding Invitation Cards

Shaadi Card

They have a rustic and vintage feel to them, and though these scrolls have been used for a very long time now, sending wedding invitations in the form of scrolls continues to be a popular choice for many people.


Different Shapes Of Marriage Invitation Cards

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There was a time when the wedding invitations would come in a rectangular shape only. However, thanks to the internet and the growing trend of online wedding card invitations, people are now experimenting with various shapes and sizes for cheap wedding invitations. Besides the usual geometrical shapes like round, triangle, etc., you can get a marriage invites in the shape of a leaf, a motif, heart, or any other shape which you like and which matches the theme of your wedding.


Customized Wedding Cards

Shaadi Card

A wedding card shop will provide you with some sample designs and styles of wedding cards for you to choose from, but in almost all the cases these days, people like to buy customized wedding cards only. Thus, your wedding card can be inspired from the design of another wedding invite, but it will and should never be exactly the same. Therefore, when you buy Indian wedding invitation cards make sure to get the same customized as per your choice and wedding theme.


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