Choose Your Wedding Invitees Carefully and Judiciously 

Choose Your Wedding Invitees Carefully and Judiciously

Wedding invitations give the first look and feel of your wedding to the expected guests. The general talk among the family and friends starts as and when the engagement invitations and wedding invitations are published and distributed. The invitation design should be in sync with the theme of the engagement party or the wedding theme.

Basic features to decide about the invitation stationery

The important features of invitations, for either party invitation are –

  • Colours: The colours should be chosen carefully so that same colour may be used on other stationery like menu cards or escort cards etc.

  • Shape and size: Sometimes non-typical shapes and sizes are preferred by choosy bridal parties. But the cost should be affordable for such shapes

  • Legibility and Readability: Legibility in terms of font colours vs. paper colour, fancy colour choices, hard-to-read fonts should be taken care. Readability in terms of crowding of text, layout of wedding invitation or party invitation should be taken care

  • Verbose: Choose the words wisely in the text of the invitations

  • Envelopes: The envelopes should be taken custody as soon as possible and it is best to have a professional to write the addresses on them rather than typing the addresses

  • Count and Costs: The required count of invitation should be properly calculated since inviting anyone without a card can be disastrous. And the design and customization should be planned based on the cost of each invitation

Prepare the invitee list well in advance

The important question to be answered is how many wedding invitations and announcements should be prepared. The invitation list should be carefully chosen since it can be obligatory for the guest to bring a present for the wedding. Also, the invitee needs to bear certain cost per guest invited. So, depending on the budget and scale of wedding planned, the invitation list should be prepared well in advance and thoroughly. Required number of wedding invitations should be ordered for printing.

Have enough time for printing

Printing of invitations can take a few weeks and hence planning the whole work with realistic time limes is suggested. Else, it can end up in a disaster with no time to distribute the cards.

New trends in invitation cards

Fine graving invitations are a new trend which is catching up of late. This involves non-traditional typestyles or custom pictures or custom designs or user specific colours etc. Of late, modern typestyles are in demand which indicate changing user preferences. Other hot trends of the season are –

  • Moody colours rather than traditional white or cream colours

  • Envelope liners for invitations

  • Calligraphy and handwriting inspired fonts

  • Monograms are the new trend

  • Hand drawn maps on invitation cards

  • Gold foil is the hottest trend of the season

Choosing the right designer and printer

Once the theme and design is thought about, identifying a good designer and printer is essential. Thanks to internet, there are a number of websites providing free party invitations, wedding invitation designs, engagement party invitations etc. Additionally, certain websites provide options to prepare own designs with editing tools giving users various choices. Also, it is advisable to purchase much of the marriage stationery from the stationer – like thank you notes, invitations and envelopes, seating cards, save-the-date cards, napkins etc.


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