Choosing the Perfect Fragrance for Your Wedding Day 

Choosing the Perfect Fragrance for Your Wedding Day

It is a well-known fact that our memories are deeply connected with fragrances. A simple smell can bring back some really good memories and make you smile, while a bad smell can end up spoiling even the most precious memories. Therefore, it becomes important that the scent that you select for yourself on your wedding day should be a perfect reminder of the most special day of your life. 

The floral scent is the most common choice when it comes to wedding fragrances, but there are many other options which you can explore for your wedding day. Below are a few tips which can help you in selecting the most perfect and elegant perfume for your wedding:

Garden Wedding

If the venue for your wedding in a garden, then you must opt for rose scents which should be blended with either sweet or unusual top notes. On your wedding day you want to smell fresh and romantic, and this combination of rose helps you in smelling like rose with a light hint of lychee. 

Ballroom Wedding

In case your wedding is happening in a ballroom, then you need to find yourself a fragrance which is bold and luxe at the same time. In order to find the perfect scent, you must try out musky fragrances. Try them out on your lower elbow and wait to see how they evolve with time. If the perfume is perfect, then, as the time, the smell of the same would grow on you and you would love it on your skin. Some of the smells that you can try out in this regard include caramel and peaches, both of which would make the bride smell mouth-watering to the groom. 

Outdoor Wedding

When you are getting married outdoors, you need to pick a fragrance which is light and at the same time crisp. If you pick something heavy and woody, it would just not smell right in your surroundings. Black vanilla and peony smells are perfect choices in this regard. 

Urban Or Rustic Wedding

The urban or rustic weddings would actually be theme weddings and therefore, you need to make sure that the perfume that you pick for the occasion is also one of its kinds. Try finding floral scents, which represent you.

Rooftop Wedding

Rooftop weddings are a fancy affair and therefore, your perfume should match this extravaganza and thus, you need to find a perfume which offers a combination floral scents. The smell of the perfume should absolutely addicting, making your partner wanting to stay as close to you as possible. 

Finding the right fragrance is not a simple task and you might have to make multiple trips to the cosmetic stores in order to find a fragrance which is perfect for you. When selecting the fragrance, do not rush into any sort of decision, always let the fragrance settle down in your body and see how it smell after the lapse of a certain amount of time. Your wedding evening is going to be a long affair and you want to smell perfect till the very end. 


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