Choosing the right maid of honour 

Choosing the right maid of honour

Picking one companion over another is a hard pill to swallow and bringing family and future family in mix doesn't make it any less demanding. Then remember that you've presumably been a bridesmaid or maid of honour in one of your closest companions' or sisters' weddings before and the entire thing is so confounding, you have no clue where to start. 

One question that we regularly encounter is that" I have been maid of honour for two of my friends as of now and I can't choose who to be mine. Is there some sort of etiquette with regards to picking your maid of honour?" 

Try not to utilize a mathematical theory to pick your maid of honour. 

In the event that you were in her wedding however not a maid of honour, but now you're closer to her than you were during the marriage, then definitely she is the one who deserves to be the maid of honour in your wedding. The people who are with you during the hard times shouldn


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