Choosing The Right Officiant For Your Wedding 

A wedding is not just about food, music and decorations, the wedding is actually about the coming together of two souls in holy matrimony, and in order to solemnize this union, you need to have the right officiant conducting the wedding ceremony. Depending on whether you want to take your wedding vows in a traditional manner or want a modern twist to the entire ceremony, you need to select the right officiant for your wedding. 

Some of the factors that should be taken into account by the bride and the groom, when making this selection of the officiant are as follows:

Choose Someone You Are Comfortable With

The officiant is the person who would help you and guide you in taking the step into your new life. This moment can be quite scary for many couples and they would need an officiant who can make them feel comfortable and happy about their decision, so as to relax their last minute jitters about getting married. Therefore, it is important that the person that you choose to be your officiant should be someone who you are comfortable with and who can make you feel more confident about this new path that you have chosen for yourself. 

Look Within Your Faith

If you wish to get married in a religious manner, then you will have to find someone within your religious community, who has the necessary knowledge of the scriptures and religious traditions and rituals for conducting the ceremony in a proper religious manner. However, if you are very fastidious about the ceremony being done in a completely religious manner, then there are many less traditional officiants also present. Depending on what your faith is, you can choose an officiant accordingly. 

Allows Your Input In The Ceremony

There are many officiants, especially the religious ones, who are quite firm in the way they conduct a wedding ceremony. These officiants would not welcome any inputs from the marrying couple and would rather expect the couple to follow all their instructions. While there are others, who like to discuss the entire wedding ceremony with the bride and the groom in detail, take their input and try to incorporate the wishes of the marrying couple in the ceremony. Therefore, if there is something special that you want to be done at your wedding ceremony, then you will have to find an officiant who would be willing to listen to your wishes and make an honest effort to incorporate the same in the main wedding ceremony. 

Understandable Wedding Language

The language in which the officiant would be conducting the wedding is also a very important concern. If the officiant decides to hold the entire ceremony in the typical and authentic religious languages, no one present at the ceremony would be able to understand the same, and the ceremony can become boring for the wedding guests. Therefore, you should confirm from the officiant if he would be willing to adapt the ceremony as per your requirements or not. 

At the end of the day, you need to find an officiant whom you have a deep respect for and you know that he would be able to bring God’s grace to the ceremony. 


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