Christian Wedding Music Types 

Christian Wedding Music Types

When we talk of an Indian wedding, we can’t ignore the special music heard on this occasion. A wedding music is of various types starting from traditional folk music to world pop. It highly depends on the location (city or rural area) where the wedding takes place as well as the choice of the people who are part of wedding.

If you talk of Christians in India, they are mostly converted to Christianity and they still follow their own traditional Indian wedding with some modifications of Christianity. Thus music in such wedding is traditional to a great extent.  

Here is the brief overview of music for weddings that is seen in among the Christian wedding ceremonies.

Prelude Music

This type of music is played before beginning of wedding ceremony. Its duration is of about 20 minutes. During this period the guests arrive and take their seats. The tone of prelude music is light. 

Music for Mother

The groom accompanies his mother or grandmother to the aisle and they take their seat. The musicians play a special music and it is generally followed by the prelude music. 

Music for Attendants

This is followed by the music for the mother when groom with his men as well as the bride enters with the bridesmaids. In some wedding the bride’s father accompanies her to the aisle and the special music is played this time. 

Music during Wedding Ceremony

During wedding ceremony various opportunities occurs for music. It is played between reading, unity candle as well as sand ceremony, vows and communion. The musicians deployed are expert and they follow the ceremony. 
The priest of church does some sort of declaration about purpose of marriage, it benefits and also the blessings for the couple getting married. The declaration may be regarding the consent of the couple. It is similar to vow of the Hindu wedding. 

The bride’s father also presents her some gift after declaration. The prayer for the couple is also done. The wedding music list also consists of music being played between readings, exchange of rings, unity candle etc. 

Music for Wedding Party

When the wedding ceremony is over and the couple is introduced by the father, the musicians play the loud music for the purpose of entertaining the whole entertaining party. This music is generally jubilant and faster. The last music played during a Christian wedding is the postlude music. 

Postlude Music

It is the music when the guests leave and is generally lasts for 15 to 30 minutes. The wedding guitarist keep on playing this music till the last guest leaves. 

When we talk of Indian Christian, they are mostly from tribal areas and their tribal culture is followed in even they are converted to Christianity. Special songs and musical instruments used traditionally can be seen in the wedding of an Indian Christian. This maintains their unique identity and culture. The modern life has affected them to certain extent and there can be seen the changes in traditional weddings too. 


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