CKP Weddings Famous Dishes and Desserts 

CKP Weddings Famous Dishes and Desserts

CKP community belongs to the Indian subcontinents that are fond of eating non vegetarian food. As they are originated from the Maharashtra State which is on the borders of Indian Ocean so sea food is very much common ingredient in their diets with spicy curry dishes and variant rice dishes. Also meats like chicken and mutton are their all-time favourite. Also in this community weddings are celebrated in religious places like temples and soothe holy aroma doesn’t allow them to include non-vegetarian in their receptions but now as modern CKP wedding are not in temples there are numerous meat dishes served as the wedding food. Also here the food is served in buffet style where guests just over flow their plate with favourite cuisine and desserts. 

Appetizing snacks

A CKP wedding includes some very tasty and delicious appetizers like samosas, bhajji that are vegetable fried fritters and some Bombay street food like Batata Vada the potato patties. Also the main course include mouth-watering dishes like alu vegetable where taro leaves are served with spices, Varan Bhat the untempered toor dal, masale bhatthe spicy rice, masoorachi umti the soupy pulses and the mattha the spiced buttermilk without which the whole lunch is not complete. Also the dessert and sweets include the dishes you won’t be able to avoid like the jalebi, boondi ladoo and shrikand.

Main course has a lot

The main dishes in the CKP wedding is served as masale bhaat, alu vadi cooked differently in different styles. Also the masale bhaat is the rice cooked in spices like turmeric, cumin and chili powder. It is also known for its heavy use of nuts like cashew and peanuts. The alu is made of taro leaves, spices and chickpea flour. The spices here include mustard seeds, turmeric and cumin along with other known spices. Also this creamy curry is heavily laden with peanuts and is mainly enjoyed with puris.

Yummy desserts

The mithai and dessert of CKP wedding include wide varieties of mouth sweetens like kulfis and other sweet dishes. Also serving jalebi and boondi ladoo at reception is a tradition here. Jalebi is mainly a sweet dish totally dipped and filled with sugar syrup and is one of the favourite for sweet tooth in India. Also it is a very successful sweet dish to pound the eager guests and it can be serves both hot and cold. Then there are boondi ladoo which are in everyone’s like list. These are made of chickpea flour and sugar covered with nuts and is a symbol of auspicious event like marriage. Also at CKP weddings they are served open heartily and the bride and the groom also feed these to each other during events. Another popular sweet of tradition at CKP wedding is the kanavale which is also known as karanji.

Apart from these delicious serves CKP weddings are also very famous of the non-vegetarian dishes and there is also a tradition to serve only meat dishes along with rice at the family lunch after marriage which is joined by immediate and close family members.


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