Classic China Patterns That You Should Add To Your Wedding Registry 

Classic China Patterns That You Should Add To Your Wedding Registry

Deciding on the wedding gifts that wedding guests must give to the marrying couple can be a very difficult decision. If the couple does not provide you with the wedding registry, you may forever keep wondering what would make the perfect gift for the bride and the groom, and yet end up buying something that they do not need or appreciate. Therefore, wedding registries are something that more than the bride and the groom, the wedding guests appreciate. 

Depending on their needs and the latest trends, the marrying couple prepares a list of items that they would require after the wedding in order to set up their new home together. This list can include household utility items as well as home decoration items. However, dinner plates and sets continue to be one of the must have items on this list. But, the style and kind of dinner set that couples are demanding these days has changed a lot. Dinner sets made with bone China are a thing of the past. Every household today already owns these plates and therefore, there is nothing new and unique about them. Therefore, more and more people are including classic China patterns to add to their new homes. 

Some of the most popular China patterns that are increasing, finding a place in a marrying couple’s wedding registry have been discussed below:

Copenhagen Dinner Plates 

Therefore, the couples these days are opting for Royal Copenhagen blue fluted patterns for their dinner plates. The pattern of these plates is such that it appears that half of the plate is covered with a beautiful blue lace. You would find many couples adding these plates to their wedding registries and flaunting the when they later host dinner parties at their place. 

Anna Weatherley Spring 

If the couple is looking for something more simple and somber, they generally opt for this butterfly and flower design dinner plates. This design is quite soothing to the eyes and can be easily used for everyday serving of meals. Remember, the couples are setting up a new home altogether, and therefore, along with fancy plates, they would also be needing plates that they can use for their everyday needs. This China pattern makes for everyday elegant eating. 

Haviland Le Bresil

This is one design which can be simply placed in your showcase and will look so pretty and amazing that you would not want to take it off the shelf and spoil it by eating food in it. The dinner sets that form a part of your wedding registry are included in the list with two basic purposes. One is to use them for eating and the other is to preserve them for the lifetime and use them on some really, really special occasion. This pattern of the dinner plates is worth preserving for a lifetime, as it is surely never going out of fashion and will also look extremely pretty and classy. 

Besides the ones discussed above, there are many other patterns which are available in the market. You can pick any as per your personal choice and needs. 


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