Classic Eye Liner Trends That Never Go Out of Style 

Classic Eye Liner Trends That Never Go Out of Style

It’s universally acknowledged that eyes are the mirror of your soul. If that be true, then eye liner should be the road map to the heart. All that dazzling and sassy appearance is ensured only by the way you apply the eye liner over your eye. The way you apply the eye liner over your eye, changes the way people eye you. 

The style of eyeliner that suits your personality and of course eyes too. There can be numerous possibilities available by the way you can create magic with your eyes. Eyeliners, available in the market are in gel, liquid or in pencil form.

It’s amazing to decide, which fad to follow and which one to just let pass by. The trends in fashion spheres are easier said than done. Keep aside all your worries to rest as we have put together a detailed list of some fabulous eye lining styles that are here to stay-

1. Feline eye-line-

The perfect cat eye line, also called as feline eye line is drawn by starting the line right from the inner corner of your eye and move outwards. As the line crosses the centre of the upper lid, make your eye thick and try finishing it a pointed tip at the end. These extra gorgeous peepers would lure everyone.

2. Floating Eye-

Your struggle to look perfect stops here. Try brown eye shadow on 75% of your eye lid, and on rest of the 25 % of the eye lid, apply darker shade of the brown. Semi circle is created. Blend it inward. Again take your favorite eyeliner and start drawing a horizontal line out from the corner of your eyes. Now connect this line with the semi-circle. Eventually, you want to get that perfect look, now add aglitter to the shadow and you get perfect look for the party.

3. Drama queen 

Do you want to add little of drama to the eyes, you can think of the compliments you would be getting, along with the fun quotient.

Initially, draw the thick lines on the upper as well as lower lid of your eyes.  Now both of the lines are extended to meet at outer end, thus contouring the shape of the eye. The tips can be made pointed.

4. Try simple- yet most beautiful one- 

It is irrefutable that the simple eyeliner leaves an equal impact that’s gorgeous and still elegant. To have this style, simply draw a line on upper lid and let it droop a little as you move to the outer end of your eye. 

5. That corporate appearance-

When you have some business lunch or professional meeting, then this corporate look is highly recommended. In this way you can look sassy yet demure at the same time. 

To start with, draw a thick line on the upper lid of the eye going outwards towards the end of the lower lid. Now draw a thin line from the middle of the lower lid and move the brush to join the line coming from the upper lid. There you are all set to conquer the world.

6. Smokey eye

The best and the one in vogue is the trend of keeping smoky eyes. Someday or the other, you don’t feel like decking yourself up with the all that make up, but still you want to seek the attention and love, then you are looking for the smoky eye lines. Simply start the pencil on the upper or the lower lids. Now with the help of cotton dab the lines and smudge to give that to-die-for Smokey look to your eyes.

7. Double flicks- 

The never ending trend of the double flicks is the right way, when you are tired of cat eye lines every time. Start with the upper lash, by drawing a line moving outwards. After this step, draw a line little lower than the water line. Now keep in mind to move upward the line but do not join the upper and the lower eyelid. Let the flicks opened from the end. 


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