Common Mistakes Made When Planning A Wedding 

Common Mistakes Made When Planning A Wedding

The process for the planning of a wedding is a long and tedious process, and although there are many guides which are supposed to help the bride and the groom in ensuring that they plan their wedding perfectly, it often happens that in spite of their best efforts, these couples do end up taking certain missteps which stop their wedding from becoming the most perfect wedding. Some of the common pitfalls or mistakes which almost couples make when planning their wedding are as follows:

Making Plans Without Knowing The Budget

It is true that girls tend to start fantasizing about their weddings from a very early age, but it is important that when the final wedding plans have to be made, the decisions are taken on a more practical and logical basis, rather than on the basis of the dreams and fantasies of the bride.  The first thing that these couples need to do before they even start the wedding planning process is to set the budget for the wedding. But many couples in their enthusiasm, start making plans for the wedding without knowing the budget and this is surely going to get them into trouble by the end of the wedding. 

Not Having A Backup Plan

You can never be sure what life will offer you or which situation it will land you in. You may have made the plans for the best ever outdoor wedding, but what if on the final day it starts to rain. You cannot allow your wedding guests to sit in the rain and attend your wedding. Similarly, many things can go wrong at an indoor wedding as well at the last moment and you might need a solid backup plan. Therefore, the couples need to make sure that they always have a backup plan for their main wedding plans, which may not be as lavish as the main plan, but at least it will allow you to have the wedding in a decent manner in spite of the last minute disasters. 

Planning A Long Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be a once in a lifetime event and therefore, it is absolutely understandable that the bride and the groom would like to fulfil all their dreams and desires from this single wedding event. However, it is important for them to understand that by incorporating too many ceremonies or stretching each ceremony for a long time can start to make the wedding feel like it has been going on for a lifetime. A boring wedding, no matter how lavish, is never appreciated by anyone. Therefore, ensure that you do not stretch the wedding rituals beyond the minimum required limits. Spend more time partying rather than performing boring rituals. 

Wrong Timing For The Wedding Ceremony

This is a very common mistake that many couples make and that is that they do not plan for the wedding ceremony to happen at the right time. If you take your vows at a time when the mist starts to fall, then you cannot expect to get some really good and amazing photos of the ceremony. 


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