Common Mistakes That People Make In The Wedding Invitations 

Common Mistakes That People Make In The Wedding Invitations

The wedding stationery is one of the things that people see about the wedding and get an idea about what they can expect from the wedding ceremony. Therefore, every bride and groom take extra precautions to ensure that the wedding invitations that they send to their wedding guests are extremely pretty and perfectly represent the spirit, mood and theme of the wedding. However, in their zeal to present the best wedding card to their guests, sometimes the brides and the grooms tend to go overboard and make some silly mistakes. 

Some of the common mistakes which these couples generally tend to make when selecting and designing their wedding invites are as follows:

Try To Incorporate Every Wedding Aspect In The Card

Giving a personal touch to the wedding invitation is a good idea. However, going overboard with this idea can end up spoiling the look of the card. Therefore, while incorporating the lace pattern from the bridal dress of the bride can help in giving the card a graceful look, trying to add elements from the architecture of the wedding venue and motifs designed on the basis of the floral arrangements can end up making your card look cluttered. Therefore, trust your wedding stationery designer to artistically incorporate as many as possible elements from your wedding in the card, without spoiling the look of the card. 

Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical mistakes in the writing on the card are just not acceptable and therefore, if you are not sure that you would be able to check for these mistakes yourself, seek help from some friend of yours whom is good at finding these mistakes, make him or her read, check and approve the proof of the card and only then go ahead with the printing of the same. 

Blinding Colours

There was a time when the cards were made in only pastel colours like white, gold, silver, bronze, etc. But today, no matter which colour you want for your card, the same can be incorporated and used in the designing of the same. However, when using these colours, it is important to ensure that you use the colours intelligently and not end up making your card so bright that the colours start to hurt the eyes. Your cards need to be easy and soothing to the eyes and therefore, try to use only soothing and few colours on the card. 

Addressing The Cards Personally

Writing the names and addresses of the guests on the cards is a long procedure which takes a lot of time. Most of the card designers and printers offer the service of providing you with stickers with the names and the addresses of the guests printed on them, which all you have to them do is paste on the card. This helps in saving a lot of time, and in most of the cases the printers do not charge anything extra for this service. Saying no to this service is a very common and silly mistake which no one should make, since none of your guests are going to appreciate the fact that you addressed the cards personally to them. 


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