Considering A Wedding Ice - Sculpture 

Considering A Wedding Ice - Sculpture

Weddings are an extravagant and once in a lifetime affair and hence couples leave no stone unturned to make them happening and perfect. One such artefact that would enliven your wedding day is a wedding ice sculpture. An ice sculpture is basically a form of carving or a centrepiece made mostly from ice. With party decorations becoming crazy and costly, ice sculptures have become quite popular in weddings these days. Here are some reasons why you should consider a wedding ice sculpture for your big day. 

Ice sculptures add drama to the wedding

You are finally done with all the wedding décor planning and organising and still feel something missing? Worry not, as ice sculptures are a great way to add the much needed drama, flair and elegance to your wedding reception. A great fact about the wedding ice sculptures are that they are intriguing and make the guests curious. This would give your guests a point to discuss and talk about. This might even be something that your guests would want to click pictures of and replicate at their own wedding. It’s a great way to keep your guests engaged and amused at your wedding. Place an ice sculpture at a site where it is easily visible. 

Gorgeous centrepieces 

Another great option is to replace the traditional centrepieces with ice sculptures. Ice sculptures can serve as gorgeous centrepieces and can easily add the quirk and fun element to your wedding. It can also cover up for not having a traditional wedding cake. When it comes to an ice sculpture, it can be easily personalized to suit your wedding theme. You can opt from a number of designs for your wedding ice sculpture such as two hearts, a dove, two swans, love birds etc. You can also order for a wedding ice sculpture carved into the couple’s initials. Other great designs can be a cupid, wedding flowers, hearts or the bride and groom dancing. Remember there are endless possibilities but the success would depend majorly on your crafter’s skills and expertise. 

A bar table made out of ice

There has always been some sort of spooky affair between the alcoholic beverages and ice. You can take this relationship further by setting up a whole bar table made out of ice on your wedding day. The first question that would pop up in your mind is that how long the ice sculpture would stay. Do not worry as most ice sculptures last anywhere between eight to nine hours if placed indoors. Although, considering an ice sculpture for an outdoor wedding wouldn’t be a great option. Make sure that your ice sculpture has a built-in tray for the water to drip and collect. Connect it to the drainage system so that the water doesn’t drip on the floor and make your venue a mess. 

Suit your wedding budget

While choosing an ice sculpture, make sure that it fits in your wedding budget. Consider all the costs of crafting an ice sculpture, delivery charges, setting up charges, decorating costs, etc. Although ice sculptures look expensive, they do not necessarily have to be. It more or less depends on the design and size you opt for. Ice sculptures can be hand carved, machine carved or moulded. 


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