Considering Various Topics When Man and Woman Are Considering Marriage 

Considering Various Topics When Man and Woman Are Considering Marriage

Marriage is a complicated thing and it may be impossible to predict the kind of issues that can arise between couples after they are married. However, there are certain topics of confrontation, which could have been avoided, had the couple talked about them before they decided to get married. Every man and woman take time in deciding on the person they want to eventually settle down with. Most of us look for romance and attraction in the other person before marriage and forget to discuss the more important issues that can affect a marriage. 

Below are a few topics which every couple must discuss before marriage in order to have a better future together:


Children are the most obvious outcome of every marriage. Everyone wants to have children of their own, but the timing for the same varies from person to person. While you may want to have children immediately after marriage, your partner may want to wait for a couple of years or even more, till he or she is financially more stable and then have children. Confrontations or fights with regard to this topic can be easily avoided, if before getting married, both the partners inform each other about their intention of when to have a baby and in case they do not agree with each other, the decision of marriage can be changed. 


Another major issue on which many couples end up fighting is the location where they would finally settle down with each other. This problem is mostly faced by those couples where both the husband and the wife are working and their jobs may require them to relocate in the future. This is something that should be discussed before marriage and both of them should agree to make the necessary adjustments with respect to location, as per the needs of the other partner. 

Division of Work

Females today have become independent. Their expectations from life are not restricted to taking care of their husbands and his family. They have the capability and the dreams to make it big in the professional spheres as well. However, with women needing to concentrate on their professional life as well, the time available with them for household chores and responsibilities get reduced considerably. The only way things can work out in such a situation, if the husband supports the dreams of the wife and agrees to contribute equally towards the completion of the household responsibilities. But, if the husband is looking for a typical housewife, then he should let the girl know about this before marriage, so that she can either mentally prepare for such a situation where she might not get the opportunity to work after marriage or she may decide not to marry the guy at all. 


Another important topic which should be discussed before marriage is finances. Both the partners should be absolutely clear about how the funds and incomes of both the partners will be used for meeting out the various family expenses. Couples


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