Conventional Forms of Bengali Wedding Jewellery 

Bengali weddings are the real Harbingers of joy and happiness. The Bengalis celebrate the wedding not because they are tying the knot, but actually they celebrate it like a festival. The Bengali weddings, called as bong weddings are characterized by their special attires and jewellery. Ask any Bengali women, she would vet one thing for sure. The traditional form of the jewelry. 

The deep rooted culture of the traditional Kolkata wedding can be analyzed by watching at the Bengali jewelry. The ornaments are inherited from generation to generation and the mother or grandmother feels their pride in transferring the legacy. 

Not only do the families keep traditions alive by keeping them transferring from generation to generation, but also the Goldsmiths and diamond merchants have come in the long way keeping their legacy alive.

For all the non-Bengali girls out there, it’s time to know more about the Traditional Bengali jewellery names. Who knows you might end up shopping for this unique and gifted Bengali culture in jewellery making.

Here are 5 traditional gold Bengali jewelries popular among Bengali women’s.

1. The Jhumka’ or jhumko -

The Bengali jhumko is called as jhumko in Hindi and chandelier in English. These chandelier earrings are floral designs basically, which can be personalized as per the Bengali choices. Apart from The floral motifs, different designs have also been inculcated to be worn by the Bengali women. 

2. Nath- 

Varying sized naths or nose rings are weared by the Bengali bride. The status of the bride is usually determined by the size of the Nath. The bigger the size, the higher the status of the bride. Nose piercing is mandatory for the nose ring. The more affluent the bride is, the bigger the would be the size of the Nath. The trend of wearing the bigger Nath has been adopted by various other states as well.  On festive seasons too, Nath is worn by well known Bengali house holders. 

3. The Patti haar-

Called as traditional necklace is as popular as the other pieces of jewelry. The craze of wearing the Patti haar has increased tremendously, in various celebrations. The durga puja or other traditional functions in the wedding women and opportunity to wear Patti haar. The richer or Moore affluent women take it as the favorites form of jewellery. Craftsmen have now started designing less complicated form of the designs so that women can wear this exquisite jewelry without any Hassel. 

4. Tiara

Tiara are the impressive head dresses which are worn by the women of royalty on some special events- like as wedding, pageants. This fashion has been adopted from the British times. South Africa- which is the highest producer of the diamond and the fabulously wealthy maharajas of India presented lavish jewelry tiaras and gemstones for every occasion. 

The designs of the tiara are quite similar to those worn by brides in western countries. To hold the veil by Bengali women, this gold tiara is used now-a-days. The Bengali brides are differentiated by this especially weared Tiara...

5. The Chur-

The gold bangles, renowned for their traditional ways have been lavishly made elegant, yet simpler. There can be the single Chur or the paired one; hence the styling statement makes it     popular amongst the Bengali brides.


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