Corona Virus Outbreak, Know What To Do And How To Plan Your Wedding 

Corona Virus Outbreak, Know What To Do And How To Plan Your Wedding

A lot of turmoil is seen all around post corona virus outbreak. The brides and grooms who were to get married in the near future and were busy planning and making arrangements seem to lose all of it. We are flooded with mails and calls from such anxious clients who feel totally devastated after paying huge advance amounts. Weddingdoers is committed to help you in any circumstances and in response to such queries we provide general FAQ’s to help you arrive at the right decision.


Q1. What should I do?


A1. As per the current scenario and the orders of the administrative authorities’ large gatherings are completely prohibited and discouraged in lieu of safety. The first and foremost thing we suggest you is to not get saddened, these situations are totally unruly and unimaginable. Secondly, you can decide to not postpone your wedding date and get married in a private wedding ritual with not more than 10 to 12 guests. Such rituals are to be followed by extensive hygiene arrangements of meeting, greeting and dining. For this you have to carefully and clearly communicate to your guests about the status quo. Furthermore, you can share a live video of the ceremony with your invitees so that they do not feel left out and dishonored. Thirdly, if you are looking forward for a good gathering and have paid vendors advance sums for such arrangements, then too just jazz up and marry in a close ceremony as scheduled and shelve your reception date till July.


Contact your booked vendors immediately and converse about your choice, they too are extremely flexible and ready to help you in all possible situations, even they understand the tough times you are going through. It is vindictive to ask them to repay your advanced amount in such times of recession. You both can mutually settle this amount in your bills in future.


Q2. How do I convince my guests?


A2. Covid-19 being a universal calamity, everyone is aware about the same and want to stay at home to be safe. You have to convey that keeping in mind the safety quotient and the norms by the government you have decided to marry on the same date but with no guests at all. Otherwise, in case you decide to defer the date then communicate that you have decided to suspend the date of your marriage and it will be shared in near future. We are confident that your invitees will deeply understand your circumstances.


Q3. How can Weddingdoers help you?


A3. We completely understand you! That is why our goal it to help you arrive at the right decision even during such tough times. As and when the dust settles down the government officials will permit social gatherings and then you can definitely celebrate in your own style. Feel free to drop in your queries at or directly call us at 8076081187. We are there for you.


Q4. How do Weddingdoers help you plan your upcoming wedding?


A4. Well! In case your wedding date is before July and you have paid your advances then you must actively get in touch with the vendors booked and discuss about the current affairs and your next step, in any case of help and assistance our relationship manager is there for all your concerns.


In planning your rescheduled dates in future Weddingdoers helps you to provide the required support to mutually discuss the postponement of the event. We try to maintain the mutual trust of the vendor and the client to continue supporting each other in the times of crisis.


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