Creating the Perfect Couples Logo 

Creating the Perfect Couples Logo

A wedding invitation is not just about informing people about the date, time and venue of the wedding ceremony, but the wedding card is an announcement of the love and holy union of two individuals. Therefore, it is important that the wedding card should be able to capture the true essence of the relationship between the marrying couples. The couples’ logo that is drawn on the wedding cards is supposed to be the symbol of the love between the couple and therefore, the making and designing of this logo can prove to be a very daunting task for many wedding card designers. They not only have to ensure that this logo looks pretty on the card, but they also need to make sure that it communicates the emotions correctly. 

Below are a few tips which can help you in creating a perfect couple’s logo. 

Similar To Dating Profile

While creating this logo, you should treat it like creating a dating profile. You need to mention all your likes and dislikes like what are your hobbies, do you love pets, etc. By finding out about these likes and dislikes of the couple and incorporating them in the logo, you are able to give the logo a very personalized feel. 

Wedding Theme

If you have planned a theme wedding, then it becomes important that the theme of the wedding should be reflected in the wedding card and the logo that is placed on this card. Even if your wedding does not have a theme to it, still you should try to ensure that the logo and the card reflect the mood of the wedding. 

Make It Fun

Weddings do not have to be about being serious all the time. In fact, weddings should be about fun and enjoying the union of two people in love. Therefore, you should try to include some fun elements in the logo, in order to give it a more relaxed feel and make it look more appealing and inviting to the people to whom the card is sent out to. 

Ask For Specific Needs

Many couples want to get certain specific elements from their life included in their wedding logo. Even before you sit down and start to design the logo, you need to first find out about all the needs and expectations of the couple from the logo. At the end of the day, it is the choice and liking of the marrying couple which matters the most. You need to make sure that everything that they want, should become a part of the logo and if something is not possible, you need to patiently explain it to them, so that when you present your final logo, they do not feel disappointed because of that missing element. 

Keep It Simple

It is important that in an attempt to create a masterpiece, you do not end up overdoing things and making the logo look gaudy and something that is completely different from what the couple is all about. Thus, keep your head straight and try to design a simple, yet elegant design for the marrying couple. 


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