Creative Ways to Welcome guests At Your Wedding 

Creative Ways to Welcome guests At Your Wedding

The wedding ceremonies are meant to be enjoyed by all and sundry. The guests like to have fun, want to enjoy it to the most with zeal to remember it for the longer times. It’s mandatory that your wedding guests enjoy the wedding and must be impressed with.  The beginning is important in that case. Because a good beginning would be getting you till the end without hassle. The beginning here pertains the welcome of the incoming guests. It must not be the cold reception. There are given some kickass ideas that how to impress your wedding guests by offering them a welcome, of course!

1. Creating a welcome board to have selfies- 

The impressive welcome board at the welcome side. You should actually use good talking point.  The welcome board may have creative graphics, floral décor items or an innovative signage. This welcome board must be highly impressive one. Make sure to make it more personal.

Some good looking vehicle like as colored cycle can appear gorgeous.

2. Showcase of timeline - 

All the guests can be welcomed by creating a timeline, containing things to do and all the things are put together in an attractive package. This soothing package, setting the moods is good idea. Besides, map can be made. And guests can be made known all the actions beforehand.

3. Colored welcome bag with a message- 

Gift bags are loved by all. Personalize it by getting it impressively printed with neat and clean note. It’s actually a cheer upper.

4. Editorial team, printing a personal paper -

The moment, wedding guests enter your premises, neat news paper can be given to read, that can be the personalized and created by you. This news paper is all about your martial life. The pre martial event list and loads of interesting things to know. The engraving of this kind really makes a sense as your guest’s help you put together, if you want. Some more creativity can be inculcated.

5. Wedding ushers with a difference-

To personally thank and attend the invited guests is a serious responsibility. Your friends or cousins are suggested to dress up according to the wedding theme to welcome the guests personally on your behalf. Even the movie characters like the famous movie roles of simran and raj- saying hello and interacting (make them say a few dialogues). The ushers come up with their routine to impress more. 

6. Funny ways to transport the guests- 

The village style tractors, London style buses or hot air balloon sigh are the ways by which the guests can be transported to a different world. This fun picked transport is the best way to welcome the incoming guests.

7. Send out fun drinks they never had before

Greeting one with a drink – that’s just the way to go. And if its a few exotic drinks, a few Indian-themed ones – that’s even better. Personalize the glasses though – add stickers, wine markers or fun trinkets to make it a true welcome party!


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