Creative Wedding Programme Sheet and Itineraries 

Creative Wedding Programme Sheet and Itineraries

The complicated Indian weddings, where the wedding affair continues for more than a week and the programmes are planned on the sheets, to adapt the newer trends and the fun ideas. The change in the times has made the complicated weddings as the cool mandate. The paper work, which is required to keep engage your wedding guests involve the program sheet and itineraries.

Program Sheet

The destination weddings involve the breakfasts, lunches and dinners in addition the tea breaks. It becomes mandatory to plan the menu and timings of each and every aspect of the catering. The written plan in this way helps to avoid the confusion of any sort and your guests come to know to get ready without asking for the entire Baraat..!

Kinds of wedding sheets and how to prepare them-

The wedding sheets not only do involve the schedules, but also undergo a brief fun loving intro about the matter involved.  The common rituals like as, seven feras or circles around the fire mean…this is to be involved into the wedding program sheet. More betterly, you can inculcate the love story of yours, the favorite items to be known by your guests better. 

You can always be creative in that case too.
Hindu wedding ceremony rituals-

The programs like as ganesh pooja, kanya aagman, and jai mala and kanya daan sort of programs are written in a stylish way and the dates along with the time are mentioned accordingly.

The fun shaped and compact: you can compartmentalize the rituals:

The beautiful fun loving and varying shaped cards can be compartmentalized to exhibit the program in the best possible ways. 

The pictures, exhibiting –the love story- “how we met” to how we continued, leading to the marriage…

The humor can be utilized in the best possible way.

Which one do you like? Would you ever try this cute little trend? Let us know!


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