Customizing Wedding Invitations and Stationery 

Customizing Wedding Invitations and Stationery

The wedding invitation is extremely important part of a wedding. This invitation not only informs the wedding guests about the wedding date and venue, but it is also the first impression which the guests have about the wedding arrangements ad what they can expect at the wedding. For a bride and a groom, this invitation has a lot of emotional value as well and therefore, many of them like to preserve this invite as a memory of their special day. Thus, it becomes important that the invitation should not only be pretty but it should also have personal elements of the bride and the groom thus making it personal. 

The steps, that a bride and a groom need to take in order to customize their wedding invitations and stationery, are as follows:

Know Your Desires

The first thing that the bride and the groom need to do is take some time and think about what personal aspect of their life they wish to share on their wedding invite. Even if they do not want to share anything personal, there may be something they had come across which they really want to place on their wedding invite, maybe a quotation, a poem or simply some item of decoration. 

Set You Design

Next, you need to plan out the design of the card in your mind and on a piece of paper. It is important here to remember that the more complicated your design is the more help you will need from professionals.

Find A Good Wedding Designer And Printer

There are many designers and printers present in the market who deal in wedding invitations and stationery. However, not all of them are good and amongst those, who are good at their job, not everyone would be ready to listen to your ideas and incorporate the same in the final card design. Therefore, you will have to do some market research and find a designer who is good and at the same time willing to incorporate your ideas and suggestions in the wedding card and stationery design. 

Discuss And Design Every Aspect Of The Card

From the colour of the card to the paper that would be used for the printing of the card, from the motif that will be placed on the card to the wordings of the card, discuss each and every aspect of the card in detail with your designer and provide your suggestions and in case you have any samples, provide those as well to the designer, so that he is able to effectively bring your vision to life. 

Ask For Proof

Once all the details have been discussed in details, you must ask the designer and printer to provide you with a proof of the card, so that in case there are any more changes or incorporations that you wish to make to the card, and then the same can be made easily. 

Finalize The Card

Once you have checked everything and are fully satisfied with the results, you can then approve the proof and give the order to the printer to go ahead and print all the cards. It is important here that you set a deadline for the delivery of the same. 


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