Dashing Groom Wedding Turbans 

Dashing Groom Wedding Turbans

Can you expect to see a groom without a wedding turban. Certainly “Not” whether the groom wears a sherwani, Pajami Kurta, or a formal suit; you will certainly find a turban that suits his face. Here is an introduction to various types of wedding turbans out of which you may buy one. 

Banarasi Jamawar Turban

These specially designed dashing wedding turbans are liked by many grooms. These are full of beautiful decoration of pearls and other shining items both on the front as well as sides. It is free tied and you need to wear it just as caps. It has a short tail, so that you need not to worry about its tail hanging unnecessarily. 

Rajasthani Turban 

The people of Rajasthan wear turbans in day to day life also. It has the embellishment of Cotton Gota with a beautiful tanned having dye print of variety of colours. The turban is specially made for grooms during marriage is also called sehra. It is similar to design of Taaj or Mukat of kings of ancient India. The use of high quality zari, pearls and wooden beads make it very appealing and attractive. If you wear a Rajasthani turban in your marriage, you will be treated as a real king of Rajputana. The special features are that it has appealing look, easy to maintain and durable. 

There is also a custom of wearing Chunri Pagri by people at other occasions. It is printed in attractive colours and patterns. The groom can wear it with slight modifications in it. A few wedding dress designers have invested their minds and hearts in producing customised turbans for grooms. 

Beaded Turban

If you wish to experiment something extremely unique and different, it may use beaded turbans having fine finish, elegant and appealing look. The best features are that these are durable as well as easy to maintain. If you visit a store, you can easily find beaded turbans of attractive designs, patterns and styles. Your appearance will be stylish, exclusive and eye-catching. 

It is a general tradition to wear golden or red or pink colours during marriage. So, the golden threads, gems as red or pink colours are necessarily used in turbans made for groom. The vibrant colours and high quality of fabric makes all types of wedding dresses i.e. sherwani, kurta pajama, kurta dhoti or business suit worn by the groom really appealing. 

Where to Buy Wedding Turbans

In modern times, there have opened many store where complete purchasing related to wedding can be done, be it dress materials or any other thing. You may visit those stores and select a perfect turban for your big day. 

However, if you wish not to roam through market, save the fuel cost, avoid hectic traffic; then be online and you may select your favourite items by the medium of online purchases. There are the facilities with some online portals to pay cash on delivery, so you need to worry about the perfection of your purchases. When you do all these, your wedding photography will be awesome. 


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