Dealing With Passive Aggressive Spouse 

Dealing With Passive Aggressive Spouse

The passive-aggressive spouse is someone who seems to do things appropriately, but in reality passively resists by negative behavior. The passive- aggressive actions could be mild excuses to seriously damaging actions for others. The passive-aggressive people indirectly express their negative feelings harmfully in marriage.

How to Identify the Warning Signs of Passive Aggression:

The passive aggression poses threat to a relationship and the targeted married person becomes worn down without realizing that passive aggressive dynamics is working against them. It is necessary to recognize passive aggressive behaviors while they are underway. The passive aggressive behaviors consist of:

  • Sulking and the silent treatment
  • Doing work to unacceptable standards
  • Procrastination
  • Excessive excuses 
  • Feigned misunderstanding
 How to Respond Effectively Passive Aggression:

Dealing effectively to passive aggressive behavior in a relationship needs the ability to deal with the feelings of anger that a spouse's passive aggression creates. The self-awareness is essential to manage one


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