Dealing With Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner 

Dealing With Someone Who Flirts With Your Partner

Everyone wishes for a partner who is beautiful and someone who is appreciated by everyone else. However, sometimes have a pretty partner can have a dangerous side too it as well. When in a party, you would often find yourself confronted with a situation where someone or the other is trying to flirt with your partner. This can make you extremely jealous and you might end up doing something really stupid and embarrass both yourself as well as your partner. 

However, it is your duty to protect your partner from people who are trying to force themselves on them and therefore you need to figure out some smart ways to deal with such people. Below are a few simple ideas which can help you in handling these flirts in a smart yet effective manner:

Analyze the Situation

The first thing to do when faced with such a situation to keep your cool and carefully analyze the situation. There is a possibility that because of your own personal possessive and insecure nature, you might be over thinking and assuming someone to be flirting with your partner when in actuality they could be having a simple conversation like everyone else at the party. Injecting yourself in conversation, or confronting the person in a such a situation is only going to do harm to your image in the eyes of all the people present at the party and also in the eyes of your partner as well. Therefore, before you take any action, analyze the situation very carefully and make sure that your partner wants to you to come and rescue her. 

Understand The Situation First

Even after you have made sure that there is a lot of flirting going on between your partner and this other person, before you decide to do anything about it you need to first find out if this flirting was started by the other person or whether it was your own partner who had encouraged this person. If your partner is the person who had started flirting with the other person, then it is not the outsider, you need to deal with, but you need to confront your partner first. However, it is not right to wash your dirty laundry in public and therefore, you would have no other option but to wait patiently for the party to get over and later confront your partner in private. 

Confront Him Verbally

Violence is not the solution to every problem and when dealing with flirts, it is not easier to get them off the back of your partner by simply communicating to them, in a firm and effective manner that your partner is taken and his or her flirtatious are not leaving a good taste in your mouth. 

Escort Your Partner Away

The best way to deal with such flirts is to move away from them. Therefore, all you need to do is simply excuse your partner and escort the away from the person flirting with them. There will be no unnecessary scene created and at the same time the flirtations would stop too. 


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