Dear Bride, Are You Short and Plump, Adopt These Lehenga Styles to Appear Gorgeous 

Dear Bride, Are You Short and Plump, Adopt These Lehenga Styles to Appear Gorgeous

It’s universally acknowledged that people who are chubbier they tend to be happier than the one which are skinny. We don’t tend to stereotype anyone, nor do we want to poke you lovelies to begin a cat fight.

The brides which are facing a tough time by avoiding those yummy donuts and are opting for the healthy meals instead. If the brides walk and run 2 k.m daily only to be taking a pittop a MacDonald on their way back home. They try their best to get into the shape to have that gorgeous appearance on the wedding day.

Are you perfect diet lover kinda girl or the one who loves the skin she in and is looking for simple hacks to do the perfect bridal attire ?

Donot sleeve up, rather sleeve down- 

The length must be mild and not puffy with sleeves as these just highlight the extra flabs you have there. You must avoid heavy worked sleeves, kept it simple and let the fabric do the talking.

Say no to high neckline- 

The best idea is to keep your neckline lower if you are heavy on the top, but do not keep it too low to appear vulgure. 

Take smaller designs not the thicker one- 

The designs on the lehenga, including the motifs, the zardosi belt, even the chic simple designs rather than big bold motifs and gap works; these things highlight more spaces and definitely lure attention to your flaws.

Go Vertical and Fuller With Your Bridal Lehenga Ghera

Vertical designs give you a leaner look, as well as make you look tall. If you have heavy bottom, fish-cut bridal lehengas are not the best choice, select a high-waist A-line or full flare bridal lehenga that has a fuller ghera. Avoid a body hugging or fitting lehenga, this will just make movement too uncomfortable for you and accentuate the big butts (that don’t lie). Always wear clothes of your own size, not a size smaller or larger, but a perfect fit to look and feel gorgeous.

Slim the Borders

If you keep your dupatta and lehenga border petty and stylish, that would really sound fabulous, instead of keeping those bold and double aligned borders. You can also opt for smaller motifs and allow them to flow from top to bottom of your lehenga design.

Length Matters!

To avoid your lehenga appear bulkier, avoid lehenga trail. This trend is in vogue and it would avoid adding weight to your lehenga.

Fits and Drapes

If your hips are wider, then avoid bridal lehenga choli that looks loose on your waist, rather, go for a corset blouse, which is neither too tight nor too loose and fits well.  To drape the dupatta, adopt a tight saree style to cover that skin show and to hide your flaws.

Keep Your Standard and Heels High!

In case the lehenga is sleek, lean and the fabulous bridal lehenga, then combine it with the high heels and doesn’t be shy, stay confident dear bride. Just think about the posture, in which you appear confident with high heels, how gorgeous you would be sounding.

Have any such related concerns or great hacks and suggestions to share? Let us know in the comments section below.


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