Dear Brides, avoid these Mistakes while choosing outfit for your D-day 

Dear Brides, avoid these Mistakes while choosing outfit for your D-day

Every bride wants that exquisite outfit of trending styles and fervor. What else, the embroidery at the wedding lehenga with the minimalistic style or with light or heavy fabric does affect the choice of the bride. Some brides like the minimalistic characters than minimalistic. The choice of appropriate one rely upon various factors which you bride has to consider. To look awestruck in your wedding attires, you are supposed to go for proper scrutinization of the dresses available in the market.

1. Lacking in paying proper attention to the blouse- 
most of the photographs are directed on your sitting positions. Don’t give it an afterthought.  The blouse fitting along with the shape and the comfort ability confirms the proper attention you have paid. Since it is close to your face, make sure it looks vibrant too.

2. Need not wear two dupattas if they are attached there with the lehenga-
the biggest mistakes bride commit is wearing of two dupattas when there is hardly any requirement of the second. The reason behind, the heavy work, along with lots of different colors, already present there in. avoid wearing the second in that case.

3. Mistakenly choosing the outfit, just because you love the color of the skirt-
pay more attention to the color of the blouse as it is close to your face. Besides, if you plan to wear fabulous fuchsia lehenga, as it falls stiffly around you, does not do anything much good. Does it?

You are strongly suggested to pay attention to fabric and how it fits your body...The patterns and the work on the outfit is something to be noted down.

4. Getting well on with the lehenga that you can’t afford-
if you don’t see the lehengas in your budget, then the one in your budget is just going to look pale in comparison to the expensive lehenga. It’s also a fact that the designer lehengas are more beautiful and of course you might crave for it.So plan your budget meticulously specially for the lehenga.

5. Getting lehenga initially than customizing your lehenga first- 
this makes a big sense, as the wedding budget relies on the cost of the jewellery that you are going to wear on your wedding. If you purchase the jewellery initially, then you can design the neckline of your blouse accordingly, and of course you can match your outfit accordingly..

The opposite of which, buying the lehenga first and then the customizing the color, gems and beads of it gets harder, rather a costly affair.The things may get out of the budget...

6. Choosing wrong kind of the fabric- 
the velvet and Georgette fabrics are fluid in nature and they usually fall in an A-line fashion. So don’t think that you would be looking bulky in the velvet. That’s true the velvet on the sleeves as well on the blouse appears bulky. The velvet skirt is appropriate in that fashion.

7. Choosing the heavy fabric on your arm or silk sleeves- 
always wear lightest possible fabric on your sleeves if arms are the problematic areas for you.  The net, which is beautifully fitted or the Georgette sleeve is more flattering than getting a bulky fabric on your sleeves. 

8. Unable to choose the right sleeve length- 
I think it’s most important. The cap sleeves look more casual. The elbow length, three quarters and even the full sleeves look more regal.

9. Ignoring the color of inner face of the dupattas-
The photograph which is taken from the side shows the dark inner color of the fabric around the edges on the underside.  When you place the dupattas on the head, the same dark color appears. Sometimes, it can reduce the charm on your face and may not look good.


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