Dear Brides, Dont Get Fleeced at the Bridal Wear Store While Shopping 

Dear Brides, Dont Get Fleeced at the Bridal Wear Store While Shopping

The common trick of the sales guy is to ask and confirm about the wedding venue so that they can have the idea about the standard of the people and they instantly raise the price manifold, say 10% usually. So the brides don’t get fleeced at the questionnaire asked by them. 

Answering in roundabout ways for the questions as given below- 

- Where is the wedding mam? 

It seems one of the most commonly asked classical traps. If you reveal them as the reality, that the wedding is gonna at posh 5 star hotel, or it’s the destination wedding, then the sales person ups your outfit price by 10%. So you should answer no, we still don’t know about the wedding venue.

- Are you looking for sangeet lehenga?

The common trick to answer this question is to pretend like the sister of the bride. Actually it’s not the matter of speaking lie, but actually it’s required at the moment. The same lehenga, if picked by the sister of the bride, costs 10 % less compared to 9one if picked by the bride herself. Besides, every store owner realizes that the budget for the bride’s sister is always less.

- What is your budget maa’m

Its really very tricky question, to answer. You are asserted to answer them by saying 10 % less of your comfortable range. If the stock is not according to your choice, then after ten minutes, convey them to show the articles which you are comfortable to pay in.

- Don’t wear your engagement ring and mom too not wearing her solitaires

The salesmen are trained enough to analyze the paying capacity by judging the amount of jewelry you wear. So if you are visiting a store, make sure you avoid exhibit so much about your status and money you have.

- Have you taken the look somewhere else too maa’m

This trap of ascertaining to confirm whether you are coming to the shop as just a person saying- maybe I’ll find a good variety here or you are a budget restricted person.

- Have sound knowledge of fabrics and embroideries

Before you enter into the store, you must have the sound knowledge of velvet, silk and georgette and the cost of every type that which one is most expensive than the other one. In this way you are saved from the way of cheating by them about the price.

- Strictly avoid trying on the dresses you cannot afford

There will always be outfits you will go oooohing and aaaahing over which will be way beyond what you can pay. Just avoid them altogether, because after that, everything else you try on will seem to pale in comparison. Just block out the noise and focus on your budget.

- Shops offering exactly the same dress at different prices

This actually happens, when the bride go for the stores, rather the designers. The real brides, many time reveal that the lehenga, which they saw at a big store was around I .2 lakhs, on the contrary, the same was costing around 80,000 at the nearby shop. So it pays sometimes to have patience, rather than extravagantly spending lakhs of the rupees.


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