Dear Brides, Nourish Your Hairs with these Oils to Have Healthy Results 

Dear Brides, Nourish Your Hairs with these Oils to Have Healthy Results

The hair oil masks can nourish the dry and rough hairs. To look beautiful in every hair style and hair type, whether long or small is the wish of every girl. The stress and not taking proper care of the hairs make them look dull and dry. At this stage, the natural remedies work better than the chemical based formulas. As aforementioned, the various oils have been elaborated to the best of their utilization which significantly alters the quality of your mane.

1. The Bring raj oil- 

This oil is highly effective in preventing the pre mature graying of the hairs-Bring raj oil, known as king of the oils have been used since time immemorial in various Ayurvedic preparations to enhance the beauty of the hairs and to improve its quality. The major outcomes of this green colored oil are to prevent premature graying of the hairs, dandruff and hair fall too. It benefits the scalp if utilized on regular basis and massaged for around half an hour or less. It’s not recommended to use in winter season as it has cool nature. Avoid using overnight.

2. Mask of Argon hair oil for natural sunscreen-

The most convincing hair oil for frizzy, dry and brittle hairs is Argon oil. The mask of the same oil improves the elasticity of the dried hairs, thus help in the promotion of the hair growth. Besides, the most remarkable feature of Argon oil pertains in providing the natural sunscreen against the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and other pollutants present in the atmosphere.

3.  Damaged hair repaired by- pomegranate seed oil mask- 

The pomegranate oil provides excellent shine and smooth hairs to the otherwise dried and rough hairs. It’s recommended to use during the alternate days. The major chemical constituent of the pomegranate seed oil is antioxidant – punicic acid, which has excellent effects and once you try it, you get that natural gloss along with the required moisture to your hairs and the scalp.

4. Hair oil mask of amla- 

The Great Ayurveda recommends it strongly for hair and skin treatments. The premature graying of the hairs is prevented by the use of this ancient ingredient in the form of oil or powder, when mixed with curd, water or oil of your choice. On its regular use, even the dandruff is prevented.

5. Avocado Hair Oil Mask

The major chemical constituents of Avocado hair oil are vitamin A, D, E, B and protein. The major effects offered are treatment of the dry, brittle hairs. It moisturizes the brittle strands of the scalp, thus woks to make them healthy from the root. It helps to keep the hairs silky and smooth. 

6. Coconut Oil Hair Mask

No one can deny the miraculous properties of the coconut oil. It has anti- fungal and fights against dandruff. Rest of the properties is same as that of aforementioned oils. The damaged, lifeless hairs are best treated by the coconut oil. Everyone must try this hair pack.

7. Almond Oil Hair Mask

Losing about 100 hairs a day is common. It is known to promote new hair growth. But thinning of hair and excessive hair fall is a matter of concern. The reasons could be any of these: exposure to environmental pollutants, harsh sunlight, nutritional deficiencies, and stress and likewise reasons. The solution to this problem is almond oil hair mask. Regular use of this mask promotes strength to the hair, repairing damages.


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