Dear Grooms, try these Fabulous Ways to Style the Nehru Jacket to Gorgeousness 

Dear Grooms, try these Fabulous Ways to Style the Nehru Jacket to Gorgeousness

The most versatile piece of the clothing that you can have in your cup board and the best friend of the groom or even the groom can have that for the cocktail night or a casual brunch. The guy in the Nehru jacket is the guaranteed swoon material. The colored and embroided, different colored Nehru jackets which are combined with the different outfits can exhibit more elegancy than the one which are single colored or are simple- 

1. Try for casual morning mehendi or night time cocktail, by pairing it with the time jodhpurs-

The casual morning event or the night cocktail, in jodhpuri pants with well fitted Nehru jacket, the switching colors make it more suitable. Besides, if you take it for the guaranteed that nothing makes a girl swoon faster than a guy in a well fitted Nehru jacket. 

2. For the brother of the bride or the groom- the jacket with the printed button and pocket square- 

Imagine the Nehru jacket-plain one- with the super stylized with some printed buttons with a pocket square to match. Choose a print in colour that pops against the color of the jacket. For example- the brown and red button print really stands out against the cream Nehru Jacket.

3. The shaded Nehru jackets with ombre effect- perfect for pooja-

You can have the classic look by keeping your dress simple one but by putting on the coloured or the shaded jacket, take an instance of the mint shade, pinks or the soft powder blue. 

4. The Nehru jacket with a kurta- and substitute your churidar with a dhoti-

Color block your Nehru Jacket against a kurta, and let it pop. But if you really want to push          the fashion envelope, do a spin on these Tarun Tahiliani pieces by pairing your Nehru Jacket with a dhoti. You don’t have to make it as elaborate as this- A Dhoti style salwar works just as well under the kurta.


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