Dear Newly Wed bride, How to Celebrate Eco friendly Diwali 

Dear Newly Wed bride, How to Celebrate Eco friendly Diwali

It’s your first Diwali after the Wedding and you wanna celebrate it with pomp show. The rituals and traditions do allow you to invite your parents for the first Diwali celebration. Where they bring out the best for the entire family. The sweets to eat and the crackers to crack for the joyous and entertaining Diwali. You wanna make it a memorable day to celebrate the Diwali with your loving husband. Here are the gorgeous tips of Celebrating in an eco friendly way-

1. Burst Hunger-not crackers this Diwali-

The campaign named as burst hunger and not the crackers this Diwali can help catering the needs of really needy person. Instead of spending a great deal of money on the crackers, we can give food, clothes, blankets, shoes to the needy persons. Prefer giving the newer objects and avoid giving the older objects that you are going to discard or are leftovers. 

Encourage your friends to have “burst hunger challenge”. Tag most of your friends for this challenge this Diwali. Social media campaign can help spreading this valuable boon. 

2. Raise the funds for Marginalized children by encouraging the buys from them.-

The artificial or the Chinese Diyas may lure you with their blasting illumination, but at the same time, they are bad competitors of the poor Indian communities, who wait for the festival seasons to get their things sold by the fair price even. At the same time these western or other countries product snatch the happiness of these really poor guys and give the charm of more lightening. 

A typical example can be seen in India, where millions of the starving kids are compelled to sell their economical products at even more less prices. 

Some of the volunteer and other NGO’s are putting forth in getting the things sold from the Poor farmers and other needy people which are making these festival related stuffs at lower price with more reliable quality. These N.G.Os are even encouraging the export to other countries too, thus raise handsome revenue for the welfare of these needy children. Light up the Lives of Many Marginalized Children in the Country

3. Think out of the Box- while going for Diwali Shopping- 

There are numerous NGO’s in the country, which are helping those otherwise differently abled kids by providing them work for making Diyas and Other decorative items. On the contrary, the companies who sell the things in the market go for child labor, must be discouraged. And if you absolutely must buy the crackers, buy from the Indian genuine outlets with a soft corner for these needy people. 

Or you could simple take a cue from Indian army soldiers in Delhi and decide to stay away from bursting crackers this year. Celebrate a green Diwali, maybe?

4.Govt. can help setting the example- 

The supreme court of India has capped the decimal level for fire crackers at 125 decibels across the country. The cities can further control the pollution level; by reducing it to 90 or more decibels. The less noise creating crackers may be selected for the celebration. 

5. Engage Children in Activities Much More Interesting than Bursting Crackers- 

Can you imagine the real joy of the celebration without the bursting of crackers?  Yes. It’s interesting to engage the children for the green Diwali. Instead of cracking the blasts of the crackers, accompany some of the children for the greenery and the gardens. Encourage them to have along with them the musical instruments, cameras and even the drawing books. 

Spend some time observing the biodiversity in the nearest garden, park or field. And then get down to collecting dry leaves, grass, twigs, and more. On Diwali day, get these things together and organize a community bonfire in a common area. A self-made bonfire that also helps kids learn something about nature – now that’s truly eco-friendly!

6. Relish the Green Rangoli this Diwali-  

Always use eco friendly colors and organic materials for making the Rangoli. Use what is available at home- like as turmeric for yellow and vermillion for red. Even the flower petals, dried leaves and ground beetroot for a maroon mix and dried orange peels can be valuable in this regard. 

7. Sweets, sweets and Sweets- 

Can you pull some efforts to make sweets at your home? Can be tough, but the synthetic and organic materials utilized there can prove to be extremely hazardous or fatal for your health. Diets usually go for a toss during Diwali while we guiltily indulge ourselves. How about alleviating some of that guilt by purchasing sweets from shops that employ differently abled people?

Let’s celebrate Diwali a day of other people’s happiness.


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