Decent Groom Entrance Styles 

Decent Groom Entrance Styles

The groom is the king of the wedding day, his appearance and everything must be extra ordinary like a king. The same thing goes to the entrance through which he enters the marriage venue. Whether you are doing the preparation for your marriage or for someone very close to you, you may have the awesome entrance for the most important person of the day. 

You may have an elegant entrance for the groom without spending much money. You may get some idea from the marriage planner or the event manager. Here are a few ideas that you may utilise and advise your wedding planner to implement.

"Built In" Grand Entrance

Many wedding planner or catering manager arrange a big entrance that is built in. These are having the features of stage curtain entrance or of like a glass elevator. The wedding videos and photography of groom entering through it show them in royal look. The guests will not tire of praising the arrangement. 

Put On a Show

When you enter the marriage venue as a groom enter with big bang of music. Prepare in advance and ask the wedding music band to play such a music that binds or cause all the guests to shake their legs their own and dance to best of their strength. Your smiling face of everyone dancing will cheer not only you but everyone present there. 

Charm of Lights 

This is the charm of electrician and wedding planner. When you enter the venue, let the electrician show the varying light, 3D flying images and other things to create amusements for the people present there. Your entry will be simply remembered for this. 

Silhouette Entrance

This does not cost more but creates special effects on the guests. It is something different also and fulfilled if on a projection screen your silhouette is created. It is very good for gorgeous photography as well as a perfect crowd pleaser. 

Use of Fire Works 

This is common for many people and you may also use. When you reach the marriage venue with barat, the specially deputed fire worker keeps on lighting various kinds of fireworks and crackers, through which not only the bride party comes to know your grand appearance but also the people who are located at a distance. Today there are the specialists that make special fire-crackers that write the name of bride and grooms in the skies with their sparkling lights. After all, it is one time affair and you may use this for your grand entrance. 



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