Decorating The Event Of Wedding 

Decorating The Event Of Wedding

There may be number of events being celebrated by us, we spend money and time to plan and organize events and ceremonies or wedding functions. The wedding dresses of the bride, groom, bridesmaids and other important people need to be stylish, attractive and elegant. And when it comes about comfortable, one may choose short wedding dresses are becoming more common among modern day brides because it proves to be stylish and trendy. And if the wedding is being planned with a spectacular view of the beach under sun, sand and surf you can go for beach wedding dresses made with light weight material like satin, linen, chiffon, etc. which are pretty simple. The once in life event, wedding cannot be brought back. So there is wish of capturing the events, wedding photography. Wedding supposed to be the happiest day of life we also need to focus to get the best wedding theme.


Wedding Themes

Wedding themes are used by more and more couples to transform their celebration into a meaningful and memorable event, making it attractive and enjoyable. Beautiful and creative wedding themes would enlighten the beauty and make it as much memorable as possible. 

Wedding Decoration Ideas

The beach wedding is among one of the most popular wedding themes. Beach wedding dresses needs to be choosy which make the wedding magical and wonderful. The fresh air of the ocean, the cool breeze and environment looks even more fine and beautiful under the treasures of beach sunrise and beach sunset.

The fairy themes are fascinating and attractive. The theme would glow even brighter when bride may have the Indian outfits of princess and the groom being dressed up like a prince. This paradise of experience may glow minds and heart of people.


Rustic fall theme 

The motive is to feel or the ambience that couple wants to experience on the wedding special day. You may choose rustic autumn theme, they can use lace, earth tones and soft fabrics. 


Indian Wedding Dresses for Bride

Based on the time period themed wedding Venues you can choose upon the different period like:

1. Medieval would likely to innovate in historical churches and castles

2. Victorian that would be located in a Victorian style mansion or garden with a      gazebo.

3.1920 are reflecting creativity by wearing unique wedding dresses and long strands of pearls. Bridesmaids can opt for short wedding dresses those flappers that image of that era. 


Wedding photography

Wedding is one of major milestones of life. With all the perfect planned wedding, perfect dress, and perfect venues, everyone wants the memories to be recorded to reflect your personality and style. You can follow the different style like:

Traditional Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photography

Traditional or classical wedding photography capture the traditional wedding day photographs including the Engagement photography, ring ceremony, walking the aisle as husband and wife, etc. being the formal event his type of pre wedding photography creates a perfect record of gathering. 

Reportage wedding photography: Reportage or Photojournalistic wedding photography reflects to report. The wedding photography merges into the background and the photos without even realizing the photos being clicked.


Wedding Photography

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary wedding photography also called Avant Garde is the style that constantly changes. It includes unusual ideas and different camera angles. The style of wedding photography involves artistic vision and glossy which can be trendier than Traditional Wedding photography and Cinematography


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