Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding 

Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding

Wedding decoration has also undergone changes over the years as weddings today have a theme and the decor woven around them. Today, it is no longer simply some flowers, or flashy decorations. It is about enhancing the overall theme and outlook of the wedding. Consequently, innovative ideas have found their way into families’ hearts. Here are our picks of the best wedding decoration ideas that you must take for your own marriage.


Colour up the Occasion

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Decorating the wedding venues around one colour theme lends it a sophistication and magnificence that is hard to miss. Choosing the right colour combination can elevate your wedding decor to a whole new level. Depending on whether you are planning for the day or evening, you can pick out from different colour palettes such as peacock, mint and purple, gold, silver and bronze, and many more. 


Candles and Other Lighting

Traditional Wedding Decoration

Candles add a traditional wedding decoration and earthy touch to the surroundings. You can adorn the wedding halls with unique shaped candles or a mix of large and long candles. One can also experiment with LED lights and lanterns as they are also in vogue during weddings. Lights hidden in fake flowers and candle arrangements look splendid in outdoor wedding decorators


A Flowery Affair

Wedding Venue

Floral arrangements are trending as table centerpieces. Flowers, being available in abundant varieties, go well with almost all latest wedding decoration themes. Brighter shades such as yellow, pinkish, blue, green and orange stand out and add colour to the affair. You can also personalize the flower vases by engraving the bride and groom’s names on them. 



Latest Wedding Decoration Themes

A relatively modern addition to wedding decor, Plexiglas Mandap decoration, invitations cards and chairs are already quite popular among wedding decorators. You can choose from etching your wedding invite on acrylic, getting married right on top of your pool covered with the thick Plexiglas or have a fairy-tale like mandap made of Plexiglas.


Specialised Decor 

Table Centerpiece

Personalized decor is exactly what it sounds like, a contemplation of your passion for your spouse-to-be. Many couples are now declaring their love for each other on table centrepieces, paper napkins, and signage on boards around the best wedding venues and personalized cutlery and wedding crockery. Having a picture collage of your favourite memories as a table runner is also a good idea. Placards with quotes that you both like or pictures of the two of you are great ways to add personalized touches to your decor.  


Decorating your wedding venue will surely add a uniqueness to your wedding and will make it an affair to remember for years to come. It will make an everlasting impact on all the guests as well as your relatives. Most importantly, it will leave you with memories which will remain with you for times to come.



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