Delicious Favours for Your Wedding 

Delicious Favours for Your Wedding

Giving favours to the wedding guests is a wedding tradition which is meant to show the appreciation of the bride and the groom towards the guests. These favours are a way of saying thank you to the guests for taking time out of their busy schedule and coming for the wedding and making the day even more special for the bride and the groom. Therefore, it becomes really important that the wedding favours that are presented to each and every guest should be really good. However, the selection of these favours is not an easy task. 

From personalized gifts to delicious sweets, you can present almost anything that you think will represent your wedding spirit and at the same tie would be appreciated by the guests as well. Presenting your guests with edible and delicious wedding favours is a safe and popular wedding tradition. Some of the edible wedding favours which can be presented to the guests are as follows:

Take Home Bar of Tasty Treats

Different people have different tastes and therefore, a particular savoury which you may love, may not be liked very much by another person. Therefore, when you decide to present your guests with just one particular type of savoury, you run the risk of that treat not getting the appreciation from the guests. A better option would, therefore, be that you present your guests with a goodie bag, which would contain a variety of sweets and savouries. Your guests would surely like at least some of the items placed in this bag and this will make your favour a big hit. 

Fortune Cookies

Whether you believe in them or not, receiving a fortune cookie and reading your prediction is always fun. When presenting these fortune cookies as favours at your wedding, you can replace the original predictions with personalized messages from your side for each and every guest. This way you would get an opportunity to personally say thank you to the guests for their time and love and this will also make the guests feel really special and welcomed at the wedding. 

Local Favourite

If you are doing a destination wedding, or if the majority of the guests attending your wedding are coming from out of town, then presenting them with a bounty which is considered to be an amazing local cuisine and is loved and appreciated by anyone and everyone who has ever tried it, can be a very good idea as well. Whenever people travel to a new place, they always want to try out their famous local dishes. However, when you have to attend a wedding, you may not get the time to try out these local dishes and therefore, receiving them as the wedding favour can make people really happy. 

Custom Tea And Coffee Bags

There is no one present in this world, which does not drink tea or coffee. If not both, then surely you must be addicted to one of these two. Therefore, giving the guests high quality tea or coffee in customized bottles can make for a great wedding favour. 


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