Delicious Food Stations for Your Wedding 

Delicious Food Stations for Your Wedding

Once the wedding is finalized, the family members start with the marriage work. Utmost importance is given to wedding food and catering services. It is a basic courtesy to treat the invitees with grand feast who have spared their quality time to bless the couple and make the wedding a successful one.

Wedding costs

Wedding dinner costs 1/4th of total expenses of the entire marriage expenditure. So it is important to make it worth spending so much for the wedding food. Initially it is significant to discuss on wedding food ideas as the wedding planning is being done.

Adapt the latest trend

As newer things are liked by people, it is essential to adapt those. Nowadays plated dinner and buffet styles have become outdated. People mostly choose food stations for their wedding reception. If you have started the wedding planning then consider food stations to serve the best for your well-wishers.

First step

You can enjoy the fruit of best wedding food only when you make time to choose the best caterer. Online websites provide a lot of experienced and fresh caterers who can make your wedding reception a memorable one. You can also read the reviews and profile of them to fix the best caterer. 

Discuss with the caterer

Arrange for a meeting with the caterer along with your family members to choose the best wedding menu. Make the discussion interactive to gather wedding food ideas from all. It is important to consider both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for the wedding reception.

How is food station made?

It varies slightly from buffet style. In food stations the cuisine is arranged at different locations in the dining hall with a caterer to serve the yummy food. At each juncture, different kind of food is available making room for the people to move comfortably and get their food served. There are separate tables allotted for starters, vegetarian meal, non-vegetarian meal and dessert.

Merits of food stations

Guests are pleased by the wedding menu and its attractive display. They need not wait in long queue to get their service done. Also the guests can give directions of how their food has to be prepared either with added sugar or less spicy etc. People gathered at the wedding reception also get time to talk to each other. The guests can carve as much as they want to enjoy a fulfilling appetite. 

Factors to be considered

Wedding dinner might cost much if there are going to be many stations at the dining hall. See to that the extra raw materials are readily available to compensate the scarcity of previously prepared meal. On preferring food stations, make sure that ample space is available to make them look impressive and pleasing.

Be innovative

Make the food stations interesting by adopting a particular theme for the wedding menu. Also gift the guests with fortune cookies carrying a positive message in it. You can arrange for exciting candies, ice creams and sweets for the children.


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