Designer Jewellery and Accessories to Adore a Complete Bridal Look! 

Designer Jewellery and Accessories to Adore a Complete Bridal Look!

Bride is a charm on the day of her wedding! Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of her to behold the exotic beauty that is the milieu of her attires, jewelry and of course the most important ingredient which is her deep blush that signifies the importance of the occasion in her life! In India, the designer bridal accessories and attires are heavy, lustrous and adorable and beautifully complement her persona throughout the wedding ceremony. Jewelry has deep significance because of more than one reason; apart from the latest dimension of it being a symbol of wealth and prosperity! While downplaying the last reason, the real significance emanates from the metal, preferably gold that the Indian traditions hold as a fine option to suit the bridal looks. More if I explain, then meta-physics come into play and some astro scholars do theorize as how the bridal gold jewelry aptly prepares her mentally and physically for the blissful union; they mean to explain the balancing of the female energies for the progeny and health!


Traditional Jewelry for Goodness

Traditional jewelry ideas

Traditional jewelry ideas in India are all derived from the same above stated philosophy that has its roots in the meta-physics and astrology. Some very special ornaments are therefore still popular as the bridal accessories. These include the royal nath worn in the nose and the toe rings! These together with the ear rings and finger rings are known to intensify the core energies while at the same time balance the energy pathways of her body and thus develop the optimized health for the progeny, which Indian philosophy considers as the fundamental aim of wedding! Although times have now changed and these icons have become more of glary components, traditional jewelry ideas are still the indispensable part of bridal beauty and the elders do ensure that these are not missed out!


The Exotic Bridal Jewelry

beautiful maathapatti

Influences, I would say have now become the major determinants of the bridal accessories and jewelry! You can count many such if you start analyzing the Indian customs that have been molded as per the trends of time and of course the ‘prosperity’ index that is rising in our country in past decades! Therefore, now we find a composite concept of ‘royal bridal jewelry’ which includes the traditional ornaments that have been conditioned by the newer trends and demands! We find the traditional matha-patti or ‘maang tika’ becoming grand and more elegant so as to depict the royal appeal and bride emerges almost as the princess! The jhumar is yet another distinct bridal jewelry that one cannot miss as a bride.

Muslim Jewellery

This piece of jewelry has its roots in the royal muslim jewellery that found way through the sultanate and later Mughal dynasties in India. Anklets, armlets and kamarbandh are other bridal adorations that are age old traditional Hindu ornaments and these days have become popular because people can afford buying more gold!


Trends and Innovations in Bridal Jewelry

best bridal jewellery store

The bridal accessories store and chains are innovating further and the heavy necklaces, earrings and payals are being made more special to suit the tastes of the bride! Rose gold, white gold, zirconia stones, are the new dimensions of innovation that complement the traditional concepts beautifully to develop complete a bridal jewelry and accessories concept.


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