Designer Plus Size Wedding Dresses For The Brides 

Designer Plus Size Wedding Dresses For The Brides

Not every bride can be in the perfect shape on her wedding day. Large sized women tend to feel critical thinking that the people around her are watching her personality and may start feeling inferior. Accepting this reality and identifying the best fit and wedding gown, complementing her personality, is the call of the hour. To put off the stress on these brides, plus size wedding dresses are also available with are designer too. Such offerings of wedding dresses are available both from the famous bridal costume designers and the specialist boutiques too, to fit and flatter your body.
Irrespective of your style and shape, there are plenty of plus sized wedding dresses and wedding shoes available to choose according to the bride’s personal taste. The bride has two broad choices – custom tailored bridal gown or readymade plus size dresses. Whilst the former choice is suggestible since the bridal dress can be customized to the bride’s body, the latter choice is too picking up of late. Thanks to several companies and the emergence of boutiques, pre-stitched bridal dresses are available in various fits and designs, across different budget options.

Different styles to dress up for the D-day
Showing the whole world that a full-figured woman can also dress up very beautifully should be the aim of the bride for her wedding day. Confident is the key word for the bride and showing it by wearing bridal dresses suiting her personality is the important step. Some boutique dress suggestions for the plus size wedding dresses are –
Waist-clinching belts with crystals, sequins

Body slimming bodices

Curve skimming designs

Sheath bridal dresses

Bridal gowns with romantic lace

Tulle v-back and v-neck skirts

Chiffon one-shouldered dress
Different options for the discerning bride
Wearing a gown with a comfortable fit, exquisitely designed gives much needed confidence to the bride, allows her to be jubilant and mingle freely with the guests. The gown could be traditional white or coloured options as per the bride’s choice and should allow flaunting her style and showcase that full figured women can also carry fashion gracefully.
Dos and Don’ts

Prefer ruching: Ruching helps in providing support to the dress and a better structure. It is preferable regardless of the shape and height

Don’t prefer a piece-meal dress: Ensure that the dress, though having different parts separately, is flowing and not a piece-meal. Though the fabric varies for each section of the wedding dress, there should be a flow across different sections.

Prefer A-line wedding dress: The A-line dress provides full coverage for the plus sized women. The silhouette of the dress broadens from the waist area and below suiting the personalities of plus sized brides.
Avoid thin and flimsy fabrics: Any thin fabric makes the bridal dress stick to the body highlighting minor details of the personality which the bride wouldn’t prefer.
The bride should be confident and understand that every body type is beautiful and should actually flaunt her body with the right fit and design. It is always preferable to try the gown and finalize it, though many stores may not stock plus sized samples.


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