Designer Wedding Cakes  

Designer Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes have reached a stage wherein there are thousands and thousands of models and designs which are available in the market. With this you can easily choose the best one which suits your wedding occasion and theme. 

Best wedding cakes options available for a budget wedding

Whether it is a traditional wedding cake or classic wedding cakes you can have the best design for all the types of cakes. The designer wedding cakes are something which is designed from out of the box thinking of the best bakers in the world. The following are some of the sort out best designer wedding cakes which you can choose for your wedding. 

  • Leaving the cake naked is the hottest wedding cake design – The most sorts out classic wedding cake model are without any cake toppers and cream. This classic model of wedding cake is very attractive and gels with all wedding themes. You can ask the baker to just leave the outer part of the cake naked with just fruits and gems topped little. 

  • Choose a designer cake which is completely filled with chocolate – chocolate designer cake is the best ones which are liked by the brides. Just imagine a wedding cake filled with chocolate flavor on the top and a strip of cake topping as similar to the brides wedding dress. 

  • Designer wedding cake with fresh fruits – a wedding cake with best fresh fruits as topped is the best one to go for. You can choose for a layer of fresh berries, oranges, pears, apples and seasonal fruits. 

  • Designer cake with best stand- the other great idea for a wedding cake is to go ahead with simple cake and great stand. You can make the cake simple say for example a tradition wedding cake and place it on a best designed stand as per the theme of the wedding. 

  • Designer wedding cake with quotes – you can choose a wedding cake with best quotes which you want to communicate to your relatives on a wedding day. Classic wedding can be created with a cake with classic message. 

  • Get creative in wedding cakes with shapes – you can choose a wedding cake with best shapes to make it more attractive. Say for example you can choose hexagonal, square, rectangle or triangle based on your wish. 

  • Designer cake with tiers – you can also choose wedding cakes with tiers to show the richness of your wedding. 

All the wedding cake bakers can make the best designer wedding cakes. The best trend today is that most of the wedding cakes are designed as per brides dress. Hence once you select the wedding dress for brides you can directly send a snap of the same to the wedding cake maker for him to start designing the cake shape, structure, flavor and color. Once you’re satisfied with the model you can give the order to the wedding cake maker.

Get into the online portal and type designer wedding cake in the search engine tab and you will have a list of best wedding cake makers in your locality. Contact them immediately and get your order booked. 


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