Did I Marry Her Family 

Did I Marry Her Family

It is quite true that you are married into family of your spouse, but you are not married to that family. The spiritual feelings also say that husband and wife become one soul after marriage. 

So, try to maintain always harmonious relations with your spouse. But it happens sometimes that the in laws (her parents) indulge in much interference of your married life and they try to influence on each and every matter related to you. This is the time when feel demoralized and made to think to whom you are married, her or her family? 

It is always suggested that you avoid conflict. Don’t complain about her family to her. Have a problem solving approach and not to be problem-focused. Here are a few suggestions that help. 

Reflect Unconditional Love to Your Wife

The God has given you the best opportunity to express your heartiest feelings of love, trust, intimacy and even anger to someone when you are married. At all the stages, you love towards wife beyond any limits. If you do this, your in laws will have little to say about your relationship and at the same time your wife will also ignore the unwanted suggestions of her parents. 

Fulfill Goals of Life

If you fulfill the goals of life for yourself as well as for your wife, then you are satisfied and happy in your lives. The marriage is for fulfilling the various aims of life. These may be related to career, finance, children and many other things. If these goals are not fulfilled, you are not happy nor your wife. If both of you meet your goals, your marriage is like a gold mine. Your wife will complain least or nil about you to her parents and she will not seek their suggestions too. 

Complement to Each Other

The husband and wife are complementary to each other and not the rivals. You need to fill gap the where your spouse is lacking. When you feel something which you are lacking somewhere, never hesitate to sit with you wife discuss with your wife. Also encourage her to come with all the achievements and shortcomings and ask your help. All her frustrations will go off and you will be one of the happiest couples of the earth. All your complaints towards your in laws will vanish automatically. 

Be Together  

It is highly desirable that both of you be together in all the walks of life and in all ups and downs. Be the right person for each other. Never ask the solutions of your problems from your in laws. It is good to respect her parents and necessary to keep them at a bay. Both of you are the best for every sort conflict resolution between you and your wife. Inviting the third person or any one from her family side is not going to solve the problem, rather other complications may arise. The best thing is to be with each other and solve all the issues yourself with the conscious support of your wife.


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