Difference Between A Maid Of Honour And A Bridesmaid 

Difference Between A Maid Of Honour And A Bridesmaid

Planning a wedding is like planning a war and therefore, the bride needs to have her ministers around her, to help her and guide her in making the right decisions and ensuring that everything at the wedding ceremony goes perfect. There are basically two sets of ministers that a bride appoints for her help in the planning of the wedding. One is the maid of honour and the other is the bridesmaid. 

Most of the people are always confused between the maid of honour and the bridesmaid and unable to understand the difference between the two. They feel that the duties of both the maid of honour and the bridesmaid is to help the ride in the planning of her wedding, thus, why is the need to make the bifurcation between them. The truth is that there is a lot of difference between the responsibilities of a maid of honour and those of the bridesmaids. 

Maid Of Honour Superior To Bridesmaid

The fact is that the maid of honour is far more superior to the bridesmaid. It is the maid of honour who is the closest to the bride and is responsible for helping the bride in taking all the important decision during the wedding, like helping the bride in choosing the right bridal dress for herself, helping the bride in getting ready for the wedding ceremony and all the other important jobs of the bride are assisted by the maid of honour. The bridesmaid on the other hand, is given the less important jobs, like accompanying the bride for the tasting sessions, etc. The fact is that it is the maid of honour who is basically required by the bride, while the only purpose of appointing bridesmaid is to make certain girls, close to the bride, feel special at the wedding and giving them the chance to enjoy the privileges which go with this designation like being a part of the rehearsal dinner, participating in the bridal shower, etc. 

Best Friend And the Rest Of Them

Every bride has many friends, but she can have only one best friend. It is this best friend who understands the wishes of the bride and it is her only in whom the bride can confide all her secrets with. Therefore, the honour of becoming the maid of honour at a wedding is usually given by the bride to her best friend, while the rest of the friends are made to feel special by appointing the as the bridesmaid. Thus, at any wedding, you would find that while there are many bridesmaids, the maid of honour is just one. 

Bridesmaid Follow The Maid Of Honour

As is clear from the above discussion, the bridesmaids are secondary to the maid of honour and this is most apparent in the wedding ceremony, where the bride is accompanied by the maid of honour as she enters the wedding venue and walks towards the aisle, while the bridesmaids simply follow the maid of honour. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the aid of honour to organize and throw the bridal shower for the bride, while the bridesmaids can only help the maid of honour, if she requires and requests their help. 


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